Apr 23

I mean, the same two guys who crafted Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade created Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Sometimes older guys lose the creative thread of their past work.

Sep 5 2019

This is your second article complaining about it in the past 2 weeks. Get over it.

Jul 10 2019

I love her, she’s the kind of troll this world needs.

May 29 2019

You mean like homo sapiens, homo erectus? THats messed up man, better get on twitter and let the world know you won’t stand for the latin word meaning “man” you uneducated idiot. 

May 28 2019

Eh, the actual model’s animations are pretty stiff, especially the eyes and mouth. While I do prefer Lady GT’s latest redesign that basically makes Modern Sonic slightly more muscular, this was a decent proof of concept.

May 23 2019

Just wanted to say this is really outstanding reporting. I love reading in-depth reports like this and hope we continue to see more in the future here. I know these types of articles are a lot more expensive, time-consuming, and probably not as well-read as some other content, but this is what I come to this site for. Read more

May 22 2019

This is pretty much what I wanted from FF7 remake. I'll enjoy playing this a lot!

May 6 2019

“But that doesn’t mean billionaires should be allowed to exist.” What the hell, dude? Who are you to decide that? How do *you* get to decide who gets to exist and who doesn’t? Who the F are you? Did you take the risk of starting Microsoft? Did you employ so many people? Did you bring about a computing revolution? You Read more

May 6 2019

The only one of these that’s difficult, at least for me and many others, is public transportation. I live in South Florida and while some parts of it are good - it mostly really, really sucks. The infrastructure isn’t in place to support massive amounts of public transport. Even in downtown Miami.

Mar 22 2019

So, can Fox begin acknowledging that he’s fucking senile now? Just screaming out Fake News at things he doesn’t like being asked about is like actual dementia-level-cognitive function. It makes zero sense and is hostile and insane. Read more

Mar 9 2019

I cannot imagine anyone who hears about a new MCU movie and thinks, “Well, I’d better check those Rotten Tomato scores before I buy a ticket.”

Feb 5 2019

Republicanism is like a dozen donuts on a table where a rich guy, a poor white guy, and a poor black guy are sitting. The rich guy comes, takes 11 donuts, then says to the poor white guy “that black guy wants your donut!”