12/17/19 11:04PM

Except they have? I’ve got no love for any of these guys, but none of the guys cited in the story have been particularly quiet over the last 4 years. George Conway has been a vocal critic of the president despite his wife working for the administration. Rick Wilson wrote a book called “Everything Trump Touches Read more

12/17/19 8:48PM

But Steve Schmidt & Rick Wilson have been sounding the anti-Trump alarm since he was a primary candidate... (probably Mr. Conway too but I don’t follow him)

8/30/19 8:53PM

Why does Trump have golf courses and hotels overseas?!  If they want to stay and play at a Trump property, they should come to the US!

8/28/19 2:21PM

Thank you! Video “articles” are stupid and a waste of my time.

8/26/19 10:20PM

My son was probably ten years old when he saw Eddie playing Gumby. I'm not sure the phrase, "I am Gumby, damnit!" belongs in a fourth grader's lexicon, but I'm only human.

8/26/19 10:03PM

Actually, the correct answer, if you want to unload Trump with the maximum collateral damage, is to embrace him, in all of his awfulness. History and statistics show us that when there is one or more credible challengers to an incumbent President, and I would count both Walsh and Bill Weld in that category, the Read more

7/23/19 4:15PM

I would have thought their excuse was pretty reasonable, albeit generalized and moved on, but your take on it convinced me that there’s always an actual decision to be made in these cases, and they clearly made the wrong one!

7/23/19 3:24PM

I went there in my early 20's at my thinnest (size 6) after losing a good amount of weight after a long term break up thinking I’d get a cute and outfit so I could get out and start dating again. I could barely squeeze into an XL and it kind of crushed me. If they had tossed a diet bar in my face at the same time, Read more

7/18/19 11:58PM

“’We are thrilled to be back home at NBC and writing for one of the network’s greatest stars of all time, Mary Steenburgen’s husband, Ted,’ Fey and Carlock said in a joint statement.”

So, so good.

7/16/19 1:55AM

I’m somehow baffled that they are so focused on whether or not what he said was racist or if the term concentration camp is accurate instead of just saying “locked up kids bad”. But of course the hairsplitting is meant to derail any real conversation. They can’t even start with “this is disgusting behavior beneath any Read more

7/15/19 11:07PM

(directed at Fat Donny Two Scoops, not Hurrikate)

7/15/19 4:21PM

Yeah, and he stayed in the repub party even after his fellow republicans ran smear campaigns claiming the adoptee was actually his illegitimate daughter (i believe in the state of SC during the primary where McCain went up against George W)

7/15/19 3:12PM

I’m not defending Meghan McCain, I do not like the bitch, I just know that I’ve been in a literal kitchen (where the real talk happens at parties) with boomer-age conservative ladies and she’s come up. 

7/15/19 2:58PM

Pictured... Republican leadership on calling out racism and bigotry: