Honestly I never went out of my way to add weight to the back. Decent snow tires were the big thing, and keeping momentum going was almost as important. I didn’t always have rear wheel grip, but I always had enough speed to carry me through to a less slippery area where my tires could bite in again. I ran 0-40 year Read more

Oct 20

It’s been over a decade since I’ve been through Spokane. I’m guessing it’s changed a lot. Cangratulations, that sounds like a major upgrade. Did you take the Fintail over? Read more

Oct 19

I will own a Monster at some point. No question. I don't know if I want the VFR and a monster at the same time though. Seem to fill similar roles 

Oct 18

I love how exotic-looking the C8 is. It truly holds it's own with the supercars now. Although silver would be my absolute last choice... 

Oct 16

Don't you just love office politics. I hope dealings between the client and yourself aren't too much of a hassle 

Oct 14

No one thing in particular. He’ll just do market research on an item (for example, salt & pepper shakers), and if the item is searched for frequently, and doesn’t have a huge number of listings, that could potentially be a product he launches. Obviously “salt & pepper shaker” has thousands of different listings, so Read more