Mar 9

So, I just returned to the states last night after 8 days in southern Italy. Read more

Nov 18

You’re not supposed to turn on a yellow light. You’re supposed to stop. Read more

May 19 2019

Just get rid of the faux door scoop instead of requiring a TRD accessory to cover it up.

Apr 1 2019

This is one of those really fucking nasty problems. Like, among the nastiest. You learn about things like this when you go “holy crap, eye-tracking, sign me up” and after a few months of back and forth on extremely technical stuff, you realize that it can’t work because you wear glasses. Read more

Mar 19 2019

what do you mean “to bring in clicks” — it’s an infamous video, people know it, here’s the backstory, why he did it, and what kind of shit it got him at the time (and also a ton of interesting context on Japan’s relationship with Ferrari, and the characters involved in that) Read more

Jan 24 2019

VERY Different and amazing!

Jan 22 2019

I’ve been rattling on to anyone who will listen for years that HP numbers, launch control, cup holders, the amount of cushioning in the armrest.... none of it contributes anything to the relative fun factor of the driving experience. A low HP, bare bones sports car - I mean a real sports car like the GT6 you drove - Read more

Jan 2 2019

The turbo makes it worse, not better.

Dec 10 2018

And it was the SEC that built this monster when it allowed a tweet to take the place of actual company statements, such as a prosepectus. I think the informed decision is not to ever base anything financial on a tweet - something that would save considerable trouble from Trump, for example. Read more

Nov 1 2018

I always thought hot hatches were for when you got older and needed something more mature that could carry people and cargo. I guess I was wrong.

Oct 30 2018

I love the idea of a 1000hp crate motor, but the name is bullshit. A Hellcrate I can understand, hellcat engine in a crate, does what it says on the box, fine. However, Hellephant is ridiculous. For one thing, when I think speed and power, a Pachyderm is not exactly the first thing that springs to mind. Not to Read more

Oct 29 2018

Why is this not on NP or CP??? 

Oct 24 2018

I mean... what about all of us buying new cars for the long haul? It's not like that demographic doesn't exist!

Oct 24 2018

Because when your 2015 Pathfinder is shuddering like an out-of-control blender at low speeds, and it takes a year for the manufacturer to figure out what to replace despite many trips to the dealer, you sort of get worried about the long-term reliability.

Oct 8 2018

You’ll love your RX-8, provided you find one that’s been properly maintained. I’ve had my ‘05, purchased new with 12 miles on the odometer, and now, nearly 13 years and 49K miles later, she runs stronger than the day I got her. I have had zero engine problems; my 8 is as reliable as any car I’ve owned. As reliable as Read more

Sep 24 2018

How about cars that are older than 10k miles or 2-3 years? The math quickly begins to favor used.

Sep 12 2018

I love it when you state something factual and dozens of people post pictures proving you 100% correct. Seriously, guy who posted a mustang convertible? I really hope you posted that as a joke.  

Sep 4 2018

There is the lived time dimension; you can remember the late ‘80s, but not the late ‘50s. Read more