Wednesday 3:43PM

True, the white stuff could be coming out the front.

6/06/21 9:54PM

I am sorry, but it snot possible.

5/21/21 8:16AM

yes, they’ll send textbooks, and if you’re Prime you’ll get it in 2 days

5/19/21 7:01AM

It’s not vigilante justice if you’re defending yourself or your property.  Committing theft is what’s not justified. 

5/06/21 7:40PM

The criminals are lucky they got away unscathed. Did you see the way Prinsloo—a former member of the South African Police Service (SAPS) Task Force—grabbed his weapon, dismounted, and went after them?
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5/06/21 9:08AM

True, he has also picked the wrong girl to ogle.   The one he should be looking at is on the far left.   All the other girls are dreaming about being behind the wheel.  Lefty is dreaming about being in the backseat.

5/05/21 7:19PM

Starlink is still in its early beta days, but it seems like a viable solution for many rural residents who currently lack reliable access to the internet. As SpaceX sends up more satellites into orbit and increases Starlink’s network capacity, it should be able to offer the same speeds to more people living in Read more

5/03/21 4:43PM

Seat belts? More than rear brakes? Enclosed? Yeah that’s not going to be a sale for me. If I can’t do this to drunk partners, I don’t want it.