Aug 17

I hate this and I hate all of you. 😒 Make KITT a black ‘80s Trans Am that cranks synthwave and cuts CUVs in half with a laser. I’d watch the fuck out of that. Read more

Nov 25 2019

Bingo. This and the Cybertruck look they’re going to feature in the next Tron movie.

Nov 13 2019

Sure I agree. I wasn’t intending it for a DD.

Oct 18 2019

Bah I love this idea but I want to keep my manual tranny. If I could get one to mate to that.

Oct 18 2019

This is going to be the thing that keeps air-cooled cars valuable forever.

Sep 22 2019

I think the better argument is that a 1970 car wasn't engineered with modern safety standards. Any roll cage or energy dispersing crash structures would require such a radical transformation. People have been stuffing mega HP engines into the vintage muscle cars since they were new. If now there is a legal obligation Read more

Aug 19 2019

I’m only a few years older than you and I will never ever live by that “do it when it is responsible” mantra. Work your ass off, get a good job, and reward yourself now. When you’re older and the kids are out of the house, you will regret not doing it sooner. Plus, as the kids grow up, you can share this passion with Read more

Aug 14 2019

Individually I completely hate the elements of this car: the excessive creases, the tiny greenhouse, the enormous wheels, the massive rear fender flares, and that god-awful predator grill. But every time I see it on the road I can’t take my eyes off it. This green and brown color scheme shouldn’t work either, but Read more

Aug 4 2019

Always wanted a Corvette and now in the financial situation to do so. C7 looks amazing to me. I’m 48yrs old (not a boomer!) and now it’s time to treat myself. Went to the local Chevy dealer in Burbank, CA last month and found one calling my name w/Z51 package. Sticker was $62K got it for $51K. Very little haggling.

Jul 26 2019

Oh, dull bicks. I read the article - interesting but waaay long - and it missed the crucial, singular point: the reason high performance merican muscle cars still use SUPERchargers is because it has the word SUPER in it. Add a SUPER to anything and we want it, we’ll buy it. Read more

Jul 26 2019

I never thought of that, people of a certain age associate superchargers with drag racing and big power. Those same folks have a combination of disposable income and nostalgia, and they want muscle cars. The Big Three are catering to them because they can afford the Demon and ZL1 and ZR1. Interesting. I am between the Read more

May 25 2019

This is probably going to come off as grumpy, but why is there not a still picture of said wheels in an article that's entire purpose is to show us how good the A90 looks with different wheels?

Sep 8 2018

Part of me desperately wishes they’d remake a game or two from this series. Part of me is glad they haven’t, because I lost weeks of my life chasing down “Wanderers” in TXR:0.