Why the hate? Someone’s gotta fork over the big bucks if our governments won’t. Let the Bazillionare Space Race commence, and godspeed, I say. We’ll get some actual technological advancements that will further mankind’s journey into the cosmos, while also having a chance to witness some one-percenter explode on

Checked your past comments before replying because this sure sounds like trolling and yup didn’t even need to scroll down to see the N-word.

all white male feminists are lying sacks of shit...” That seems a bit much donchathink?

The entire Starship program has been really exciting to watch. I love that they stream it so that we all get to follow along and enjoy.

Just watched it last night, was such a great sequence until the buzz droids pop up. The exclusive focus on Obi/Anakin for like a minute or two straight really takes away from the chaos that is supposed to be surrounding them.

Kinda why I specified the first 2-3 minutes. I think it’s, like, 3 minutes and 15 seconds-ish when Anakin says “This is where the fun begins” so I’m more thinking about everything before that.

Every day I find myself more content with having never seen Episode 9. Best to just forget the sequels and be done with it.

We can learn all this stuff about you and use it to target you with ads but telling you those details? Now that’s where we draw the line.

Rogue One is like a fun size Endor. Its got all the best bits of it but deliberately scaled down. Read more

i was just about to add this. good one sir. and so fresh. brings up another point. where are all the great space battles these days?

This is by far my favorite. Blew me away in the theater. The tracking shot of the Falcon flying across the surface, then up, over, and into the Death Star II was amazing.

How is the Expanse not on here? The Battle of Thoth Station, The Attack on the Donnager and easily one of the best of all time, Free Navy vs Rocinante

They tend to be more character driven than most of the other lot. Read more

I think you can do a whole article just on Star Trek space battles. They tend to be more character driven than most of the other lot.