Feb 8

I’m basically an atheist because this is pretty much the norm in America. The churches that get the GOP hard are all, pretty much universally, ones that I find repulsive and antithetical to the Christian theological ideas that I was instilled with as the kid of a lift leaning hippy. Read more

Jan 29

as a kid, i remember watching the “M*A*S*H” tv show & taking away the lesson that if you’re really, really good at your job, you can get away with all kinds of shit.

Jan 27

And Guinness should lose legitimacy because of their fondness for taking money from brutal dictators in order to award them “records”.

Jan 19

Then it’s at the intermissions, and who does who switches at each intermission.  Geez, do I have to think of everything here!?

Jan 2

I got into the show with Moffat/Smith and then went back and watched the RTD era, which I pretty much hated and only finished out of obligation. It’s simultaneously too campy, too melodramatic, and too grotesque for me. The farting aliens, the blowjob tile, the two successive companions whose primary character trait Read more

Jan 2

I’ll politely disagree with that. Capaldi’s final two seasons are the best one-two punch since Season 26 + Series 1. And Series 5 is easily the best season of the revival.

Jan 2

And for all the shit Moffat has gotten from sectors of the internet, he was the person who first introduced Jack, clearly established Time Lords were gender-fluid, created some classic characters like Vastra & Jenny, and say what you will about some of the choices for female characters but he wrote a lot of great ones Read more

Dec 26

My head-canon is that Barbara just shows up for work next Monday, and she and Diana act overly polite with each other and never bring it up again.

Nov 10

Sad that both of those guys are gone now. In the early 80's, Ruby Spears gave Jack Kirby a staff position designing characters. They were both huge fans of his and wanted to help Jack out. It was a union gig, so it ensured that Jack got a decent paycheck and healthcare. Animation treated Jack better than the comics Read more

Oct 25

I remain angry and disappointed Trump hasn't toppled over from the virus. How that disgusting bloated bag of sick remains alive when so many have died is beyond me. 

Oct 16

This entire era of post-prestige television basically seems like a Michael Bay movie — lots of nice looking scenes but terrible storytelling — stretched out for months. Let’s just admit we’re all hate-watching this shit. Why the hell did AV Club give this episode a B? It’s a D at best.

Oct 15

The first two seasons were dumb but entertaining schlock, and this one will probably be the same. I like how the showrunners gave up on trying to connect the series to an existing cannon, so they threw the ship into the 32nd century and made everyone in the 23rd to forget it ever existed. Read more

Oct 15

Oh wow, they've given up on advertising this show haven't they, had no idea it was coming back.

Oct 15

Babylon 5 modern revival please. Way back when you said that B5 was one of the only two shows to really get sc-fi right on tv. Now there’s a third (The Expanse)...but man, how awesome would it be to get more stories in the B5 universe?

Oct 13

I’m anti-remake nearly all the time, but as remakes go, 20 years is a decent cushion. (I assume.) I can’t believe how times flies.

Oct 11

Just breath, and remember: only 101 days until Trump’s fascist Reality TV shitshow gets permanently cancelled*