Sep 14

Hot and Ready for just five bucks?

Sep 13

Hot and at your door within 30 minutes after a brief online-only interaction?

Sep 9

Yeah, I read that as a snide slam as in “Not like those other, inferior, snack cakes!” taunt.

Aug 26

Character actress Margo Martindale, for sure

Aug 8

Tarantino’s films are so referential to previous films that there’s no purpose to them. Instead of being a mirror held up to society they’re a mirror reflecting another mirror. Instead of being allegorical they’re merely masterbatory.

Aug 8

Sorry, Quentin, but do not want.

If you want to make a science fiction movie (and honestly, I’d be interested to see what you’d do there), just do one on your own.

Aug 7

Hot Take, based on an incomplete but sincere relationship to Star Trek: Read more

Aug 6

That and a reliance on fan-service references to previous Trek properties gives the whole thing a feeling of something that’s designed to deliver on fan expectations without actually satisfying them.” Read more

Aug 4

Turns out its not an open bar at the Golden Globes

Aug 2

Um, did he not listen to the lyrics of his own production, Fame? It’s “I’m gonna live Foreveeeer!” not “I’m gonna die from illness!” Read more

Jul 25

The new logo, unveiled this week, replaces the Star Trek-style logo that first hit the scene back in January Read more

Jul 24

Worse, after they fixed the glitch they went back to talking about Star Trek Discovery!

Jul 14

Oh how I wish Discovery were better. I don’t have a problem with any of the actors, but the writing is so often grating.

Jul 14

As much as I love Picard/Stewart, Sisko Is the best Captain...

Jul 13

I lost my mom at 4, can relate (now 32). It has definitely been very hard through my life, as I have no lasting memories, but I’m lucky enough to have a great dad. I can only hope for the same for Naya’s son.

Jul 13

Kurtzman is definitely the problem, and starting the Star Trek movie reboot with JJ Abrams was also a problem. It set a precedent that it hasn’t recovered from. I also think that the money guys at the studio don’t know what to do with Trek. They never did. So they put a guy like Kurtzman in charge, because he’s done Read more

Jul 13

Putting aside the kinda lame style, it would be a lot easier to appreciate a show like this if we actually had a Trek show at the moment that was at all reverent or understanding of the philosophy of the shows that came before it. Read more

Jul 12

Star Trek spaceships are pretty big, but the TV shows and movies generally just focus on the dozen or so crew members who work on the bridge or in the medical bay. Read more

Jul 12

Kidding! It’s just as bad as I thought it’d be.