I don't think Emily should have to dumb down her posts solely because of idiots who lack reading comprehension.  Read more

A woman’s value isn’t defined by money. Men don’t care about a woman’s pockets. That’s not what attracts a man to woman. All a man sees is a 42 year old single mother. She won’t remarry. She’ll be looking for a man at or above Brady’s status. Those men won’t be looking for her. Read more

One cannot be a “trad-wife” and an influencer. An influencer is a job. Reminds me of Phyllis Schlafly leaving her kids at home to go on speaking tours... telling women they should stay at home. Read more

Right. Reminds me of the medical school joke: “What do you call women who use the rhythm method? Read more

My boyfriend pulled out one time. Our son is 36. Read more

I mean, we have M.D.’s on the far right that are anti-vax and anti-mask. So this is where we are.  Read more

It worries me a lot that this kind of misinformation is finding its way into contraception.  I feel like I'm educating my kid into having to be some kind of medical missionary for her friends one day. Read more

It’s like all those folks who did their research on Covid-19 through YouTube and came to the conclusion that Anthony Fauci could not be believed because some rando on YouTube knows better than the CDC.  Read more

I had an idiotic friend who got pregnant this way. Twice. Read more

My college-educated Gen-Z/Millenial cusp coworker mentioned that she heard about how “many chemicals are in birth control” to me, and told me about how all you have to do is open the documentation packet that comes with your birth control, and “it’s like pages long, written in really small print”. Read more

The rhythm method is great. Read more

The tradwife trend has actively ruined all social media for me. I guess I hit a sweet spot of craft, slow farming, vintage finds and cooking content to pull in all the religious, anti-feminist nutjob content. It’s highly upsetting to be minding my fucking business, watching an embroidery video and suddenly I’ve got Read more

Why would someone have a dog and *not* tell everyone about it? That's just selfish.  Read more

The headline conveniently leaves out the fact that she had been a pro-choice activist for around eight years prior to this, and certainly prior to Roe V Wade. She changed her mind when she was 21, and prior to that she’d been facing years of indoctrination (and likely lies about the danger pregnancy actually entails). Read more

This isn’t the full story, she has been pro-choice since a miscarriage in her early twenties caused her to reconsider her views, and advocated against anti-abortion laws before she needed one herself. Read more

She just didn't care until it affected her. There's a whole political party for that. Read more

My mom used to call this the “Well, I’m okay, Jack!” mentality. It’s like people who parallel park leaving three feet either side, and then complain they can never get a parking space but x infinity. Read more

Fair. I think my opinion has little to do with this woman in particular and more to do with my general distrust of “Christians” who need a personal experience to find empathy. I’m pretty bad at giving them the benefit of the doubt about...well, anything, really. Read more

Maybe. Except she’s not keeping her mouth shut and she could have gone to New Mexico and not said anything either, but she didn’t. Which is why I’m inclined to be slightly more generous toward her.  Read more