Aden Norwich

The people who didn’t vote lived in states where the primaries were pretty much done for, or had to work.

This whole thing has the sense that someone is ripping off the government.

TIL that invoking your 5th amendment rights is a crime

She wasn’t defending Assange but rather protesting the grand jury by invoking her 5th amendment rights. If she were to testify and made a single mistake/contradiction its very likely they would have used it to imprison her again out of spite. 

Humans are naturally communal, humans survived by group behavior which required a communal lifestyle to maintain.

So an irredeemable idiot complains about not attending an irredeemable bigot’s funeral

Let’s be honest, they are center right at best

We live in a society in rigged towards the white employer class. To maintain civility in a rigged game is dooming yourself to failure

So what did the founders actually believe? Well according to Hamilton: Read more

The Greenwald left was always suspicious about Meuller

If you want games to get better than you have to be willing for a company to suffer the consequences for making bad games. If Bethesda fails the ip will be auctioned off and bought by microsoft or some other company.