Jesusita en Chihuahua

That’s a big reason I’m leaving. Also, I’m supposed to be non-partisan, or better yet apolitical. And with this guy, being apolitical seems wrong. Read more

I’m leaving the military over this. I’m a service academy graduate and I. Can. Not. with this administration Read more

Smiles tightly? Hates children? All for draconian education reform? Are we sure she isn’t this lady after some Polyjuice Potion?

For fucks sake we already have an electrified fence. I LIVE on the border. There are border patrol trucks every mile and a FENCE about 20 feet tall with concertina wire. It can be electrified, but it isn’t always. Also, the desert is pretty fucking big. Good fucking luck trying to make this happen. Also, can we stop Read more

Thank you for sharing this. For the longest time I actually believed I was at fault. Now I’m just angry as hell at everyone involved Read more

Exactly! Debbie Downers unite! Read more

I have never talked about this ordeal outside of my close family/friends. The fallout was almost more than I could stand at the time, but weirdly, I feel like keeping it to myself is actually worse. 4 yrs ago, when I was a very junior officer in the military, my commander would CONSTANTLY harass me and would Read more

I’m in the military, a woman, a Latina immigrant and an officer. Whether I’m leading a group of Soldiers/Marines/Sailors/Airmen or just in a meeting, I am frequently the only woman or one of only 2 in the room. I’m certainly the only Latina immigrant within my unit’s leadership right now. It’s always a challenge to Read more