AddictedToM3s - Drives a GC
Feb 20 2019
Fun versus Budgeting

So after my last post I gave the Miata a more serious look. It’s making sense now to me. Do I still hate that

Feb 16 2019
Thinking About a Track Toy

After going back to an automatic for my daily I am beginning to miss the rawness and satisfaction of being able to

Feb 7 2019
Knowing What You Want

So is this what getting older is like? Before I would want all the cars and would constantly think about all the

Jan 13 2019
Should I Lower My Car?

I have been wrestling with this decision for a while. I see a few lowered 4-series Gran Coupes on Instagram and they

Jan 9 2019

I’m not sure they’re making the point they think they are...

Oct 30 2018
I Miss Having a Manual

Yes, I know I say having an automatic is okay and I still stand by that. There are just times when I miss having

Aug 9 2018
I Finally Did It!

This past weekend I finally did what I was thinking about for the past few months. I traded the BRZ for a car that

Jun 17 2018
Panamera Reliability?

Something else that’s been on my mind lately is how would it be to own a Panamera? I’m seeing some previous

Jan 13 2018
Maintenance Finished. AMA

Woke up and drove around the block to get the car up to operating temperature. Then I got the car in the air and let

Jan 7 2018
Christmas Trip Photos

Here are some of my favorites from my recent trip to France. The 16-35mm f/2.8 II is my new favorite lens. It’s

Jan 7 2018
Renault Twizy: Spotted

This was just sitting in the parking lot at the Château de Versailles. Here’s some other photos from the week

Jan 5 2018
When You See It

I’m not sure how one would modify their lights to do that but it was quite funny to see.

Dec 27 2017
Zoidberg Bait

We went to the Palace of Versailles and the Louvre yesterday and today. There were many baller chandeliers.

Oct 3 2017

Does anyone on here have a GTI? I know Automatch Tom bought one a while back but I’m not sure he’s on Oppo as much