Lucky Wilbury
3:59 PM

Not sure if anyone else here has watched Alison Pregler’s hilarious Baywatching recap series on YouTube (or the original Baywatch in general) but in that moment, all I could think of was David Hasselhoff and his son conversing about how much they love A&W cream soda.

2:58 AM

I didn’t know Coulson was killed off (I haven’t watched in a while but I’d like to catch up with it again) but I think that confirms that the producers of the MCU never had any intention of writing his resurrection into the continuity of the movies, I guess they didn’t want to have to explain it to people who haven’t

6:42 PM

Brian Wilson did a pretty good version of this song a few years back in a very Beach Boys like arrangement.

3:33 AM

I don’t think so. Townshend hasn’t been seen in a while but I think he’s just taking some time off. I just saw Daltrey do Tommy over the summer. It was actually at Bethel Woods, the original site of Woodstock. He was backed by an orchestra, it was a really cool show. His voice has held up incredibly well.

2:25 PM

There are some acts from the original Woodstock still around. The Who, Joan Baez, Santana, CSNY, John Fogerty... if they get those guys alone, it would be worth going. If they’re just using the Woodstock name and getting mostly contemporary acts, I don’t really get what the point is...

11:24 PM

If it does come back, they should make Nancy McNally (Anna Deavre Smith) the President.  She was a badass.

11:23 PM

I once had a dream that they brought back The Sopranos but now it was all centered on AJ and Meadow with Edie Falco making occasional guest appearances.  When I woke up, I wondered why I came up with such a shitty idea for a TV show.

11:01 PM

Listening to the underrated Beach Boys album, Carl and the Passions “So Tough” on which he played a significant part in his honor. In particular, he co-wrote with Dennis Wilson the gorgeous ballad “Cuddle Up” which closes the album.

2:40 PM

There was also the Disney TV movie Geppetto starring Drew Carey which became a running joke on Whose Line Is It Anyway.

2:37 PM

When I clicked on that Twitter link, I was told that Priscilla Page has me blocked. I have no idea why. I don’t know her nor have I ever interacted with her. Weird.  I’m pretty sure the only other person who has me blocked on Twitter is my ex-girlfriend.

12:58 AM

Check out Vulture’s article about the creation of the dance. The amount of time and effort Rob put into that one scene is impressive to say the least.

4:42 PM

I thought it was pretty funny when “Hurdy Gurdy Man” started playing.  It’s as if they were saying “we’re going to include a Donovan song in this show but it’s not the one you’d think.”

10:23 PM

I’m disappointed they stopped the practice of the titles having the same number of letters as the season number. I guess that was a Warren Leight era thing. The show did take a dip in quality after Leight left the show, that’s around the time I stopped watching.  Danny Pino, Richard Belzer, and Dann Florek all left

5:28 PM

I’m a big Fleetwood Mac fan and I find this really upsetting and reading that Rolling Stone article, I think I lost a lot of respect for Stevie Nicks. Anyone who has been following the band knows that Lindsey is the one who has been keeping the band active creatively for years, he was the main force behind Tusk,

5:19 PM

Stevie Nicks had nothing to do with that book. It’s basically tabloid trash and is full of factual errors. I don’t deny their relationship was probably a shitshow. The entire band relationship was unhealthy. They were all on coke, they had giant egos, and the band probably should have broken up right after Rumours.