Oct 19 2017

I’m a bit jealous that, through the magic of kinja, your Metris suggestion is getting all the attention and my suggestion of a Metris has fallen to the bottom of the pile. You still get a star because it’s not about attention. It’s about the right answer. Metris is the right answer.

Oct 18 2017

Absolutely sucks that so many posts on this site are turned into something political when there was no reason for it to be political. This article was an inappropriate choice to do such a thing.

Oct 16 2017

And most ‘96 Cherokees will still be around long after these have been fixed again by Tony for the umpteenth time.

Oct 14 2017

This was my grandpa’s car. He traded it into Doug’s Cadillac a few months ago for a low mile Black CTS-v Wagon with a manual.

Oct 9 2017

Biggest traffic buildup is the line to my ex-wife’s bedroom.

Oct 6 2017

Ive been on way worse, but on smaller planes, I suggest not flying into the channel islands if this video freaks you out. Read more

Oct 6 2017

I’m intrigued by that transmission. How weird would that feel going through the shifting pattern without a clutch?

Oct 5 2017

Hey, that Oldsmobile does okay as long as you get the trucoat, don’tchaknow. Just ask for Jerry Lundegaard, he’ll get you squared away.

Oct 5 2017

United has a hub in New Jersey, of course they are terrible.

Oct 5 2017

Used Toyota engines can be had for a song. Install isn’t much of anything. She paid for a hassle free experience, and that has value. Read more