William Rice
Oct 14

An estimated 33,000 Japanese Americans served in the U.S. military during World War II, of which 20,000 joined the Army. The 100th/442nd Infantry Regiment became the most decorated unit in U.S. military history.

Oct 7

To be fair, compared to a creaky old LLV a Metris might as well be an S-Classe. They have *air conditioning*!!

Oct 7

“We’ll figure out how to get the money later” is how every single private business expects their employees to save for retirement.

And to be honest is how many private businesses seem to be run.

But hey, keep trying to kill public institutions! Screw everyone, including yourself, in the process!

Oct 7

Spit out the Kool-Aid and wipe the shoeshine off your tongue.

Apr 15 2019

Amazing that Splinter has an issue with this white dude but not the Seventy year old underachieving, legislative failure of a senator from that bastion of diversity Vermont. For real just say he’s not the white man you prefer because you and the rest of the DNC sure don’t give a shit what voters of color have to say. Read more

Apr 3 2019

To be honest, I’m not sure if the one about windmills is worse than this one. It’s just a complete rejection of the reality surrounding him.

Apr 2 2019

I notice that at no point was it mentioned that the reason bins are so full this year is because of Trump’s trade war making it impossible for farmers to sell their crops overseas last year. Read more

Apr 2 2019

“We were just hurrying like hell,” Don Rief, a farmer who had 60,000 bushels of grain damaged by the storms, told Reuters. “Hopefully USDA will come in and minimize some of the damage.” Read more

Apr 2 2019

True but..... why would GM/Ford/VAG/Tesla let Google/Lyft/Uber have control over this? Building the car is the hard part, the self-driving the second part, and the app/control by far the easiest. Read more

Apr 2 2019

4) Self-driving robot cars, funded by the momentum and potential of the human-powered service, effectively eliminate 3+ million transport jobs and allowing Lyft, Uber, and Google to ultimately realize their profitable dreams. The technology is similarly ported into public transportation for a better experience and Read more

Mar 12 2019

That’s the ‘right’ way to bribe your kid into college. Even the guy who did the scam with the celebrities admitted to it

Mar 12 2019

Man, supra owners are going to have a GREAT time with toyota techs working on their BMW engines....

Mar 7 2019

it always gets better.  Sometimes it just takes new perspective.  You got this!  Just remember, you’ve survived 100% of your worst days so far.  

Mar 6 2019

Every so often I write a letter to Chic-Fil-A, letting them know I won’t frequent their business no matter what. Not even for a cup of lemonade; if I want lemonade I’ll buy Newman’s Own. “I’d rather give my money to Paul Newman than Dan Cathy,” I usually remind them, “I realize that Paul Newman is dead, but I’d rather Read more

Mar 4 2019

Problem is that tanks are just too good if one side has them an the other doesn’t. Been true since WWI when tanks were just flat bad at everything, and still true today where even effective man portable anti-tank weaponry still hasn’t driven them off the battlefield. Read more