adultosaur married anna on the astral plane
Mar 28 2017

Wonderful, we have a Gestapo now. TBH, the few ICE agents I know joined specifically for the chance of doing this type of thing, so they are going to be very busy doing what they love.

Feb 28 2017

My husband was watching it last night and it was that episode. Andy’s an ass, but ... they’re all asses, and I don’t like shows about horrible people being horrible. Like Jim at Phyllis’ wedding telling Dwight to look for wedding crashers. That’s not fucking with Dwight, that’s fucking with the bride!

Feb 28 2017

I have to admit that was my first thought. They deserve prison, but thirteen years seems strong.
But also, fuck ‘em. It’s the worst combination of dumb, hateful and scary shit to pull.
13 years is no joke though. They’ll have a long damn time to think about it.

Slight lol at the “It wasn’t me” Shaggy defense

Feb 27 2017

I came here to shout out my homeboy who is just trying to get his damn laundry in the washing machine while having his head rubbed and access blocked by my homegirls who are just turned on at the wash ‘n fold.

Feb 24 2017

Time is a mother fucker to us all, but Gwen will always be my teenage idol.

Feb 24 2017

Flamingo is right. TSS is not always from leaving it in too long and it’s not fair to call sufferers stupid. Often the problem comes from the absorbency of the tampon itself allowing for excess bacterial growth leading to TSS. And tampons can get stuck even if you want them out and try to remove them. I had a Read more

Feb 18 2017

totally! part of the problem is that nobody’s ever willing to consider the really difficult nature of choosing to have bottom surgery, or which surgeries someone would choose to have.

I feel like if more people understood that it’s something many of my brothers and sisters have aspired to our entire lives, they’d be Read more

Feb 17 2017

2 years ago I looked into having the old vag tightened and over a Skype interview I learned its like 16 grand. Fuck that noise. Crushed all my dreams of using my cooch to snap off cocks like a kid pops off a Barbie head. Sad

Feb 17 2017

I’m tempted to challenge him to specify—because what he really means is that non-elective genital mutilation is wrong. Mutilating your labia and augmenting your vagina is just fine (in both his mind and mine), just so long as you’re the one who’s chosen to do it. Read more

Feb 17 2017

Might seem strange, but as an erotic writer I wrote a character who incidentally had protruding labia and was deeply self conscious about it. Her girlfriend in the novel doesn’t care, I don’t know, I just felt women do really have opinions about their labes and porn all too often has these pristine, nearless lipless Read more

Feb 10 2017

It’s funny I hate people, but I want policies to help society. And some right wingers are nice, sociable and friendly, yet they don’t want to help their fellow man at all. It’s quite the dichotomy.

Feb 9 2017

I bet Miranda Kerr’s breasts feel like bags of sand when you’re touching them.

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Feb 8 2017

I hate to be That Chick, but the entire American Girl franchise has gone to Hell ever since Pleasant Company sold out to Big Toy. Fuck you, Mattel!