Accountants get Fiscal
May 30 2017

My guess is you’ll be alright with the F-150. I had a friend that hit a full-grown fucking cow at 70 mph in one and if the radiator hadn’t cracked he would have had no problem driving the thing the rest of the way to work.

May 30 2017

Jesus seriously? I’m pretty sure my German shepherd is bigger than that thing. Can’t believe it did such a number, but I’m sorry to hear about your WRX :(

May 30 2017

It was absolutely insane! It was a SMALL deer for around our parts. The craziest thing is I wasn’t going over the speed limit when it happened, and I absolutely agree it looks like I hit a moose or something. I had no trouble absolutely heaving that fucker into the woods. Couldn’t have weighed more than 120 pounds

May 30 2017

That last WRX story is insane. I live in the upper Midwest and have hit/slain a small host of whitetail deer at speed, most memorably in a Camaro and an A4 quattro. On both of those occasions I was going at least 60, hit the animal with the front driver’s side of the car, and the deer died before even making it to the Read more

May 23 2017

Since I was a freshman in High School I wanted a WRX. 15 years later I finally had the opportunity to purchase one.

Oct 21 2016

There were no Nazi’s in WW1. There’s nothing wrong with playing from the other perspective like most RTS games.