That young Kevin Bacon looks a lot like Jonathan Byers. Read more

How many people at the company were unaware of what he was doing anyway? It sounds like Jay is offering to buy a company with a bad name, bad reputation, and a team of accomplices. Read more

Check out this extension I’ve been working on. It improves the comments section, layout, and overall look of the site. Unfortunately most of the other points you bring up can only be improved by the Kinja team. Read more

Even this post isn’t properly tagged. Read more

Spoken with the wisdom of a man who lost his own safe-space. Read more

Depends if you count loose adaptations like Inception (Paprika) or Black Swan (Perfect Blue). Read more

This is one of those situations that should really be left up to the regional powers. Read more

Futurama was my first thought too. I completely forgot the demon in The Exorcist even had a name. Read more

What does this have to do with Trump? Read more

Skinja update - Nested replies are now sorted by votes. Coming soon: ability to switch to sort by date.

Unfortunately sorting the top most replies is going to be a huge pain (if even possible), but looking at how the site is implemented, it’s very very easy for the Kinja developers to sort things on their end. They Read more

That’s a temporary tattoo. The temporary tattoo the console came with.

Kinjigger update - There is now list of popular article tags, and a list of Recent Reviews on the side of the page. I’ve been working on making Kinja look overall nicer, but it’s still pretty bare right now (check the screenshots). Read more