Oct 7 2019

The more important question is "How to explain that you can't pause an online game to your mom".

Sep 24 2019

Our strongest electoral tradition is voting based on the most recent thing we heard.

Sep 17 2019

If this is anyone but the first person to make a Christopher Plummer joke, you’re stealing my bit!

Sep 9 2019

Reading this type of stuff makes me nostalgic for high school, until I remember I hated high school and for most of it I had no money, no vehicle, lived with my parents and had never had sex, then I snap out of it

Sep 6 2019

My friend isnt a big fan of zelda and didnt really like BOTW so I always tell him he needs to play Link to the past and Ocarina of Time. Well I get a text at 1 in the morning saying he just spent 2 hours playing LTTP... im so happy for him.

Sep 5 2019

fair enough...its been nice internetting with you...

Jun 17 2019

What does Leonard want? What does Leonard WANT, Barry?! He wants the Breath of the Wild sequel to be out this year. He didn’t sink 100s of hours into the first one yelling “bucket” every time he nailed a lynel in the head with a perfectly aimed bowshot for Nintendo to tease a sequel with no release date. When is it Read more

May 30 2019

Drake is what he is. You want to read about the real Raptors fan, then here is a thread for you

May 13 2019

I wasn’t upset with any of the plot or character developments—Dany going mad was inevitable—and the episode was visually and technically stunning. The problem is that Game of Thrones has felt incredibly, needlessly rushed for the past two seasons. Read more