Aaron Paul: Oppo's Resident Fake British Actor

Excellent column, as always, Doug! And that line about Frontiers and brontosaurus! Read more

Buick Encore taillights!

The reason they do this, of course, is because people are very protective of numbers that identify us. All our lives, we're told not to give anyone our social security number, or our address, or our credit card numbers, or our phone number, or our birthday, or else they will STEAL OUR IDENTITY! And I don't want my Read more

I don't care if it is a Ferrari, the F-Type is way better looking. And the supercharged V8 models are just beasts. Fact. Read more

Another great column, Doug! I may send something in for next week's edition of Letters To Doug. Read more

You've mentioned before that Americans don't want to drive slow cars the "only" do 0-60 in 10 seconds, but let's face it who really takes their car to the max on an on ramp anyway. Read more

It's a Prius V taxi, I'm fairly sure of it. Read more

How well does the sonar feature work? Read more

Eh, I'll still have a Golf GTI. The Focus ST never really appeals to me. Read more

The one near my home where the guardrails can't keep a semi truck from splashing into the river below. Read more

Yes, a Veyron will go around a track, and yes, it will go around very quickly. Doesn't meant that it'll be happy doing so. Read more

Why did Volkswagen make an ultimate performance version of the Golf, and make it impossible to turn the stability control off? Did VW think that nobody would take this hot hatch to the track? Read more