Ebola stil in Africa
Jul 16 2018

The best most relaxing weekend thing is reading a book. What did you read?

Jul 16 2018

Congrats! Finishing a book is always very satisfying. And having time to just read is wonderful.

Jun 22 2018

Yeah, we had to bend the whole corrective action process out of whack to keep from hurting their fee-fees when they make the same fucking mistakes over and over again. If any outside auditors ever catch that fact, we’re all screwed.

Apr 18 2018

President Hogg has a nice ring to it. This kid is getting shit done and doesn’t need to tweet NO COLLUSION! every day while he does it.

Mar 29 2018

Aw, I love veggies! What are you having icks at? Sometimes all you need is a better way to cook them!