Feb 27 2018

Stopped watching at Season 4 mid-season finale.
Liked the show at first, but it went from Humans vs Zombies to Humans vs Humans, feat. Zombies.
The constant misery was a burden to watch; any glimmer of hope was quickly squashed by even more misery, and characters always seem to take worst possible decisions at any given Read more

Feb 26 2018

It’s Kevin Dunn’s production style...
Shaky cam, zooms, angle changes mid move.
I guess Vince McMahon thinks it’s more dynamic, as if the move is so brutal the camera shakes!
(It’s also used to hide possible botches and “safe moves”, where it looks like they’re throwing a real punch/kick, but in reality they are inches Read more

Feb 21 2018

Looking a the gif replay, does the South Korean skater falling down deliberately try to kick the Canadian in the leg?
She fell down, with legs going down, look at the Canadian, and we see her right leg spring back up in a kick motion.
The Canadian was already stumbling to avoid the contact, but the kick made her jump Read more

Jan 12 2018

The kick was a routine move though, planned by the booker (not a call by Sasha). The same move was done the night prior (or a couple of days before) by Bayley on Paige, but with less thrust.
Paige was waiting for the kick, but it’s a freak incident: too stiff, Paige too close, too high/low in Paige’s back; it’s a Read more

Oct 30 2017

Hot take: If you don’t put cheese both under and over your beef patty, there’s not enough cheese in your burger.

Sep 29 2017

They had the chance to do the right thing at the right moment, and put the belt on Strowman, and maybe give him a run until the Royal Rumble.
Instead they kept the belt on a part timer whom we won’t likely see for the next 3 months... Read more

Aug 2 2017

So you have to use the app to order gas (±2 minutes).
Then go to your car to open the fuel trap (get dressed, put shoes on, walk to the door, pull the fuel trap lever: ±5 minutes). Read more

Jun 19 2017

Or maybe Lynch gets a shot at the briefcase due to a ruling on SmackDown Live, wins it, and then she cashes in.  Read more

Jun 1 2017

Sorry USA, you lost the right to use the expressions “Greatest country on Earth” and “Leader of the free world”.
-Signed every other G7 and NATO countries

May 31 2017

We can also make the case of where you live.
If you are in Canada, or northern USA, and need winter tires, or use “all-seasons” year round, you might face temperatures ranging from over 90° in Summer, down to 0° in Winter; that’s much more than the 30° variation you cited while driving.
Personally I had my winter tires Read more

May 26 2017

I’m surprised you didn’t include Milos Raonic, since the Canadian beat Nadal in 2 of their last 4 matches. Read more

Apr 25 2017

What’s most impressive is that you had all that detailed on a 30 years old Commodore 64 floppy!

Apr 19 2017

If you assume your choice, that’s fine.
But stats says most people buy on impulse depending of the current oil market, regardless of their true needs.

Apr 19 2017

Gas is high, let’s buy reasonably sized cars that fits our needs and lifestyles!
Wait, gas is back down now, let’s buy humongous SUVs and pick-up trucks we won’t use 10% of their potential, just because we can! Read more

Apr 12 2017

Mojo should have been DQ’d!
Gronk clearly interfered in Mojo’s favor, incapacitating Hardbody Mahal with cheap beer (knowing Gronk, probably FourLoko?). Read more

Apr 12 2017

You’re correct, I’ve never been there live. And I’m sure you had a fantastic experience, as every racing fan there. Read more

Apr 12 2017

This is fantastic. Not for the Indy 500 part, but for the spit in the face of Monaco.
Even if it’s glamourous, if it’s heritage, if it’s tradition... Monaco is shit.
It’s the worst race year in, year out, no contest. And this year, with the larger cars, it will be even worst, it’s going to be terrible.
Read more