Jun 7 2016

The man is throwing children over 16 foot fences into yards and garages? He’s throwing children AT children in sandboxes? Read more

May 23 2016

Some people feel very strongly that she lost her Jez gig, others think she is just searching for her next piece. The truth is that we all just have to think a lot about whether or not she still writes for that website, and ultimately find an answer that works for ourselves.

May 5 2016

It is a little too late for the Hawks to start getting defensive about Game 2.

Apr 9 2016

Every time the doors to the inner sanctum of actual doctors open, there’s a hush and a raising of heads and flick of eyes from the room. Its a weird kind of minor celebrity. Maybe they should have a bingo announcer call the names.

Mar 22 2016

I’m going to respectfully disagree here. Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve started comments like that before (and what I’m about to say should absolutely apply to them as well), no comment that begins with an imitation of a word whisker or other monosyllabic ejaculation (“Meh,” “Ummm,” “Uh,” “Eh,” “Errr,” “Ugh,” etc.) Read more

Dec 7 2015

Oh, so they’ll let a DT in the NFL trash talk a girl, but I can’t tell that bitch waitress to hurry up with my goddamn Old Crow?

Nov 18 2015

“We plan to trip on the bar, and take it down with us.”

Nov 17 2015

Given the circus of inaccuracies that happens whenever someone at Jez gets their hands on a medical journal abstract, I worry about them trying to cover health more. “The amazing obscure berry that cures class anxiety!”