Feb 5 2016

Just remember. What happened to Steven Universe was localization not censorship.

Feb 5 2016

What Nintendo should have done was add an option to simply skip the face touching if you don’t like it/can’t be bothered to do it and just get to dialogue afterwards rather than cut it entirely.

Jan 7 2016

Nevermind Kotaku. Bethesda should have been nicer to RPG fans.

Dec 28 2015

Forcing others (the NPC’s) to kill enemies for you is not Pacifism.

Nov 25 2015

The real outrage over this game should be over the fact that it has fewer characters in it than it should! Read more

Nov 20 2015

3 very similar complaints as to “WHY CAN’T WE HAVE EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT?! WAAAAAAH!”

Aug 7 2014

As a 9 year old this seriously fucked up Christmas night for me. Those fuckers would only chase you when you weren't looking. That is the stuff of children's nightmares. Fuck you Nintendo. Fuck you Mustache.

Jun 20 2014

Nominating this thread as the official thread for requesting any of the following:

Jun 11 2014

The "kid friendly squid based shooter" looks absolutely fantastic, and the fact that it's written off so quickly is proof that gamers are no longer interested in unique gameplay ideas at all. Read more

Feb 26 2014

This goes to all the "CoD pro gamers" who payed for this abomination of a service to call themselves "Elite members"

Feb 21 2014

Inb4 people have opinions that can differ from what the majority of people think. Because you know, not everyone thinks identically. Douchebag.

Feb 21 2014

Difficulty is archaic? If a game being tough is from a bygone era, can someone invent a time machine for me, as I want out of this era of wimpy gaming.

Feb 14 2014

What's that PS4/XB1 fanboys? You want this too? Aww I'm SOREEEE, it's only available on OUR format...

Feb 13 2014

People complain that the WiiUpad's screen is not necessary for playing a game.

Dec 22 2013

I love how steam has turned the idiot male masses into the equivalent of a house wife at a 1980's blue-light special at the Kmart. Read more