7/10/19 11:39PM

Looks awesome actually... the characters look great in 3d!

7/10/19 11:37PM

holy shit this actually looks amazingly charming?? This has so much character...

7/10/19 11:35PM

This actually looks really good from a visual pov, if you ask me. 

4/12/19 3:40PM

At least it should be fairly easy to request a new password, right?

4/12/19 2:40PM

This happened to me months to over a year ago when Fortnite was coming to other consoles. I got a handful of “Failed login” and “Password Reset” emails for an epic account I never made. Tried emailing them and they basically did nothing. Told me to reset the password and go and delete the account myself. Eventually I Read more

2/09/19 8:15AM

*The uploaded has not made this video available in your country...* Read more

1/17/19 12:56AM

Here’s hoping that who ever takes over the next Star Wars game is given actual love for the story and gameplay and not in the nickel and dimeing of transactions and bureaucracy. Read more

1/16/19 1:18PM

EA needs to end.  The long list of reprehensible behaviours, slavish devotion to terrible ideas and overall complete loss of consumer goodwill is ample proof they need to simply go.

10/13/16 5:09PM

I don’t know, most people don’t air threats like that because police tell them not to, but play asia certainly got threats on twitter as well as threats of blacklisting by people in the industry. And when you have dozens of outlets pushing the same narrative in such a short period of time, I say that’s either Read more

10/13/16 4:41PM

You seem to not be following my point. The harassment is toward creators of, say, DOAX3 for example. Both from the press and individuals which ultimately made them say fuck it.

10/13/16 3:15PM

essentially this. It becomes a case of “you can make what you want, but if you make it a way we do not like we will constantly shame you until it’s changed.”

10/13/16 2:59PM

I think because people hear this argument often, and it tends to be a Motte and Bailey. This and this is wrong/sexist/problematic, but we aren’t actually *saying* ban it! Read more

10/13/16 2:39PM

In Japan, the legal consenting age is 13. The characters you are talking about, silica, is 13 when that happened. Similarly to the Leafa arc. Leafa is attracted to kazuto even though they are related because in Japan, while not as common as in anime, it happens and it isn’t as taboo. The older siblings often have a Read more

10/13/16 2:29PM

Anime is an art form and as such the creators should be allowed to freely express themselves. Read more

10/11/16 2:20PM

The funny thing is, i’m not THAT into anime, nor japan.. but even i know that it’s kinda stupid to bitch about something from another country that has ZERO EFFECT on me. Read more