Nov 28 2014

Rape victims are treated like garbage by the vast majority of police, we just went over this with the Cosby case. What happened to Shia is not okay and I hope he gets connected with whatever supports he needs.

Oct 30 2014

Until recently I did not find this man attractive. I honestly don't know what is happening to me.

Oct 17 2014

this article just seems kinda mean. I wouldn't want to be compared to Malala either.

Sep 24 2014

I love it, and will exclusively name my children after birds of prey.

Nov 12 2013

This made me cry. We know for a fact that she's a good actress, but you can't really fake being nice to that level. She comes across as somebody who really likes people.
She has her back to the camera the whole time and she doesn't look like she gives a shit. Read more

Aug 15 2013

What I love about this - other than the DoD going full on with the whole equality thing - is that they're granting leave to let people get married, if they're stationed somewhere that doesn't allow it, so that everyone has the ability to access benefits. This is a lot more than just following the letter of the law - Read more

May 20 2013

You know what I think the central problem to this movie is? Kirk is supposed to be a brilliant leader, and Khan is a brilliant strategist, and Spock is a brilliant scientist, and and and...you see where I'm going? All the characters are brilliant, but the writers, not so much. It's hard to write for one character Read more

May 10 2013

I was thinking the same thoughts, before I realized that "Hey, he's doing what he wants to do with the time he's been given." Read more