Aug 16 2017

Juror No. 52: When I walked in here today I looked at him, and in my head, that’s a snake — not knowing who he was. I just walked in and looked right at him and that’s a snake. Read more

Jun 2 2017

It’s gotta be killing her watching Sean Spicer and Susan Huckabee Sanders being the dumbasses that she was supposed to be.

May 13 2017

I think one reason this survived is that they are, for the most part, historically-accurate, and they go to the little know details. We learned that the Lone Ranger was black, that Al Capone had a secret brother, and about the women that worked as NASA’s “calculators” (before the Hidden Figures movie made them Read more

Apr 16 2017

Typical shithead Republican—truth counts for nothing. If lying left and right gets you to sucker dumbasses into believing your effed-up cause, no matter how utterly anti-American the lies are, then so much the better. Read more

Apr 5 2017

The St. Louis We Generously Let Black People Live Here, Abortion Having Slutty McSlutslut And Also Jews Are Sneaky Because We’re Allowed To Say That Now Animal Warehouse And Emporium Read more

Mar 22 2017

I’m not going to flame you. I just honestly wish I had even that much optimism left.

Mar 21 2017

Using a nonsense question that’s meant to illustrate the importance of asking the right questions at its literal value. Oh, the irony.

Mar 17 2017

This headline is so misleading and it’s so, so shameful of you to frame the situation like this. The GIF caused him a seizure. He’s epileptic. Yes, that is assault when you do something with the intent of hurting someone else, whether it’s just a GIF. That troll put him in danger knowingly. Epileptic seizures are Read more

Mar 17 2017

so because he’s not a woman, people should be free to attack Kurt Eichenwald? That’s crap.

Mar 4 2017

Well, when the best hope for humanity is that we’re all figments of a fairy cake’s imagination…

Mar 4 2017

We’re just waiting for the second head to pop out before jumping to conclusions.

Mar 4 2017

I’m truly shocked at the lack of comparisons between Trump and Beeblebrox, but maybe I’ve just missed them.

Mar 4 2017

US Counterterrorism Intelligence Officer Malcolm Nance is a goddamn American hero. He’s out there correcting liars and setting the record straight. Everyone has a history, but what matters now is is he wrong?

Mar 4 2017

The longer he tweets, the more I’m reminder of that other great reality star turned President, Zaphod Beeblebrox… Read more

Mar 7 2011

I like the drag. It re-emphasizes that women are perceived as less than men. Craig loses power by putting on a dress, he becomes less than. If a woman were to put on a man's suit (the suit that he was wearing) she would gain power. Man as woman= silly ridiculous. Woman as man = serious. The whole women should aspire Read more