Jun 10 2014

But would you wear it in a hot tub? I have a 2003 Sundance Sweetwater spa and make sure to not wear hats in it because 1) My hat might get wet, and 2) Wearing hats in hot tubs is silly.

Mar 31 2014

*Sigh* Nobody knows their video game history anymore. I guess I'm going to have to write a book or something. Read more

Mar 14 2014

I managed to kill two auto-titans with a single Titanfall yesterday. It was... so, so glorious. Didn't have too much style getting into my Titan after that, just ran up and gave it a big hug.

Jan 29 2014

That's a shame. Could have blown up someone's future career as a Lego creator.

Jan 29 2014

Nintendo, I love you. You make games that are filled with whimsy and make me feel happy when I play your games, and I mean feel good happy, not just excited happy. Keep on trying new things, try not to get stale, and I will follow you until the end. I don't need 3 of the same machine to play games, you bring Read more

Jan 20 2014

13-gigabyte update live for Dead Rising 3 ....

Jan 20 2014

Geez, if only Capcom was smart enough to put this DLC on the disc, then those who wanted it could just download an unlock code after purchasing it, while everyone else would already have the data on their disc, drastically cutting down the size of the patch. Read more

Jan 20 2014

There's a 13-gigabyte update live for Dead Rising 3 today, and if you think that seems kind of big, well, that's because it's kind of big.

Jan 16 2014

Why have I never heard of this game? I just watched Gameinformer's interview with the devs. It sounds fantastic, I'm looking forward to it. I hope that they open the game up to mods eventually since they're going for infinite replayability.