Yes, but no #9 seed had ever beaten a #16 seed. I was relying on that history when I bet my whole savings account... Read more

My agent sent me a bill each year based on how much I had been paid that year. I would imagine that’s industry standard. Read more

You’d have to be some sort of retired recluse to not know who Drake is.
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“...the centering of white males...” Read more

When I inevitably see this movie, and the Iron Giant comes on screen, I’m going to turn to the person next to me, and say in a very loud whisper “That’s Chappy.” Read more

Mostly because #1 is not a yes or no question! Read more

They should make Call of Duty:Black Cops about a group of black policemen that have to take down the corrupt racist cops in their precinct. Then we can all have confusing conversations with each other about which Call of Duty we are talking about. Read more

If anything, this year’s Super Bowl is evidence of how valuable having a quarterback who can catch the ball is. Read more

What football are you watching in June?
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I want to make a joke, but hey I learned something today! So I’ll just cut bait and give you a star. Read more

Why is Facebook there to begin with to share the same floor space as that NRA troll, seriously fuck Mark Zuckerberg Read more

So why the fuck was Facebook showing off VR tech at CPAC in the first place? What’s the goal there? Ignoring the specific demo and it being tasteless to use right now, what’s the goal of Facebook taking a tech demo to any political conference? Putting it in front of people, certainly, but who do they expect to attract Read more

Snowboarding AND skiing? Pick a side, we’re at war. Read more

It is fun now when all the Gamergate kids have morphed into Trump supporter that this is happening. I am taking some enjoyment out of this.
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Oh those poor Gamergate CHUDS must be really conflicted now that their glorious leader is pulling a Jack Thompson. Read more

Sadly, this means that no matter how many golds Shiffrin wins in the future, either in these Games or future ones, she’ll never be able to break the record for most golds won, which will be held by her equipment. Read more

It’s not fine. It’s antithetical to free and independent journalism, and its unethical. Sure, this seems like a small, relatively harmless example, but it shows a willingness to let advertisers dictate the substance of a story. News organizations are supposed to be watchdogs. What happens when an advertiser has a Read more

Yo Alf? The 1980s called, they want their science back.

The medical consensus for decades has been that gender and sex are biologically independent. We can see observable differences in the brains of trans individuals which place them far closer to the average brain of their self-identified gender rather than the Read more