Ah yes, peccadilloes. In the South, we call those pink peekaboos. Read more

Thanks for reminding me that's on! Read more

I didn't know about these either! Thank you for linking. Read more


I love her! My favorite is Green Gardens. Read more

I didn't love The Bling Ring, even though I was excited for it. It felt like the message of consumerism and celebrity obsession was overdone. I would have liked a bit more plot and less exposition too. Read more

Develop a bitch face and use it. Should help but everything with the dogs, and maybe even those if it's impressive enough!

I have some friends (same age) in Milwaukee and they love it! It's small enough to get around easily, but with a big city feel. They like that it's close to the water and the drinking culture gets people out and about. Read more

If you'll be there in the summer, Dolores Park. Get an ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery, bring a book, and an intoxicant of your choice; it's the best place for people watching. Read more

You can cross that off your bucket list! Let us know how it went. Read more

I love that idea! How do you make them? I've heard it can be hard to cut glass like that without equipment. Read more

Thank you for writing this. I know I'm incredibly lucky to have a loving partner while unemployed and depressed. However, I have caught myself thinking lately that I should just get married and have kids, just to have some kind of identity. I don't even think I want kids! Just good to hear that someone else had the Read more

I loved Chocolates for Breakfast and no one I knew had ever heard of it. It was nice to have my own little, scandalous coming of age story while doing just that. Read more