Feb 11

Yeah man. I don’t even know what Xbox has. Like... The Sims? Cool Spot? I dunno. It’s why I didn’t mention any in the article. No clue.

Jan 15

Gaming got popular, and a subset of people who built their identity around gaming being non-popular are hostile of anything that gives it wider appeal. Read more

Oct 8

Thanks for replying again. It gives me the opportunity to drop another, even more damning quote from your original comment into the mix. Read more

Oct 7

$5M to go away (assuming he gets paid out for his 2020 deal) AND he doesn’t have to continue with that dumpster fire of an organization?

Sounds like a pretty good way to start the week.

Sep 16

What absolutely miserable human beings these people reporting her must be

Jun 12 2019

You don’t think there’s anything wrong with someone filming with a camera in a bathroom where others are using the toilet, including children? Read more

May 28 2019

The clip states that he was using a cleaning fluid. If solvent based, it could’ve gone transdermal. 

May 25 2019

True story: The first time I encountered one of those things on a mission, my Kavat immediately stood on top of it and started riding it around. Not sure if it was intentional or just the perfect coincidence but it gave me a good chuckle.

May 2 2019

Addressing (or simply mentioning) racism/racial discrimination, sexuality, gender, and the like are not political statements. Smh.

May 1 2019

Yeah, I’d definitely rather focus on the fact that she shared, like, a thing implying that grieving parents’ pain was false then the fact that she’s not the best voice actor.

Apr 10 2019

1) U Street (aka “Black Broadway”) has ALWAYS been a live music hub. 9th and Florida is a block from the Howard Theater, damnit. You move into that neighborhood FOR that reason, not in spite of it;” Read more

Apr 9 2019

They are referring to when there were more black residents and yes gentrification has reduced the number of venues where it’s played from when I was growing up.

Apr 9 2019

Whoever designed the banner for The Shay’s opening clearly saw The Hunger Games and thought the rich white people were the good guys...

Apr 9 2019

oooohhh out of all the bullshit gentricubes bring to a neighborhood “whining about loud music” is probably a top 3. The sticks that your parents white-flighted to are still there, assholes, and still filled with the silence you crave. Don’t move to a city then complain about city sounds.

Apr 1 2019

It’s a pretty ingenious move. The people who are most pissed off and inclined to misbehave can’t do anything about it all day, after which their impotent rage at “SJWs” will have subsided like a goldfish taking another lap around its bowl. Read more