I'm worried about vulnerable women incarcerated with her, to be honest. She's already demonstrated the lengths to which she will go to alleviate feelings of powerlessness/frustration/boredom.  Read more

That TP is the best, man. It’s just thick enough that it does the job but not so thick that the shitty [heh] plumbing in my house rejects it. It’s very good TP. Read more

This isn’t about sex. They could watch porn on their computers or phones for that. This is about harassing women who have dared to enter what is considered a male space. This is intimidation and intended to humiliate and bully women.  Read more

I’ve known guys like him, he probably does think his opinions on women’s bodies, and what constitutes the right kind of body, are extremely fascinating to everyone he meets.  Read more

I wish my ghost dog would come back to visit me. In the first few days after her death I thought I felt movement on my leg while on my bed, but that could be wishful thinking. I would seriously love to hear an unexplained but insistent “Yap!” Read more

Aw. I choose to think of it as Panda sticking around to keep an eye on his family. Read more

Omg this gave me the creeeeeps! Especially cause my son recently showed me the trailer for the new Pet Semetary movie. The original was fucked up enough, thanks. Maybe you buried the cat on “spoiled” land and it came back... Read more

Whoa. I hope your son is okay after the (un?)death of Panda. That is heartbreaking.  Read more

Yikes! You may have buried your cat in the pet sematary... Read more

As loathe as I am to defend Huckabee Sanders, I’m deeply uncomfortable with this line of thinking. It’s just as gross coming from a liberal under the guise of calling out their hypocrisy as it would be from a conservative. The word “careerist” is inherently sexist. It’s not a word we use against men, no matter what Read more

Stop it. Just let us have a morning of glee before the hammer of doom. Read more

He’s raging. He’s fuming, seething, yelling at televisions and staff. He’s spiteful and vindictive. He calls people names and is thinking about starting a nuclear war because he wasn’t able to take health care away from 23 million Americans, and needs to keep frightening people and keep the attention on him.  Puerto Read more

Trump should be impeached and Bannon should be arrested. Read more

Bannon is who the world should really be concerned about. He is the puppetmaster. Read more

that the government and/or the medical establishment are attacking the family for their beliefs. Read more

Act like a lady, completely fuck up like a man. Read more

Maybe she couldn't afford to pay the ambulance bill. Maybe she was worried the father would find out about the baby if she went to the hospital. Maybe she didn't realize the severity of the crime because she is uneducated. Maybe she doesn't trust the system because of her economic status and/or race. Maybe she just Read more

This is a story of how one of the worst days of my life ended up reaffirming my faith in strangers and in the human race in general. Read more