Nov 15 2016

“For legal reasons, we think the Reliant Robin is a wonderful car that always stays upright.”

Oct 25 2016

If you had invented it correctly, we wouldn’t have had to fix it.

Oct 13 2016

Hell this could be an awesome idea for a gated community, there are already golf course communities, communities with pools, tennis courts, etc... A community with a shared car shop with lifts, tools, and stuff would be an awesome place to live in. Read more

Oct 13 2016

I know Jesus. Jesus is a friend of mine. Jesus loves people who work on their cars with friends. Read more

Sep 29 2016

It’s trickle-down car-conomics. A large portion of Wranglers and a surprising percentage of Raptors will be used and properly abused - just not by their first owners. We need the poseurs to peacock it up so that someone, someday, can buy the purpose built vehicle at a price point where they don’t feel bad using it Read more

Sep 29 2016

People buy M3's that will never see a track. People buy crossovers that they’ll never fill all seven seats with. People buy duallys that will never tow anything more than a jet ski. I’m honestly so tired with comments like this. We get it, consumers are dumb. But let’s just celebrate the fact that companies like Ford Read more

Sep 27 2016

My beautiful daughter that happened to do a sugar skull for school one day candid shot in my 62 Lincoln Continental.

Aug 26 2016

This will cause more accidents than it prevents. Having vehicles sharing the road with different speed limits will upset the flow of traffic and cause more people to change lanes, increasing the probability of a crash. Read more