Sep 27 2016

I am really sad to do this, but there is a time when you actually have to sell some things. If anyone is interested, I just posted my Beck Spyder for sale on ebay. Hope someone enjoys her as much as I did.

Aug 3 2016
Chump Car at COTA

Super exited about this weekend. We leave for COTA in Austin tomorrow for two days of racing at the Circuit of the

Jun 30 2016
Almost Done!

The color polishing is going well. The difference it makes is astonishing. Finishing up all the small details this

Mar 14 2016
Charger Progress

Got some work done on the interior of the Charger. Dynomat laid down, most of the wiring is done and getting cleaned

Mar 9 2016
Bought on Ebay

I have recently acquired a new to me vehicle. I was looking at the 83' Mercedes Wagon, but after driving it I

Feb 8 2016

The lease on the Fiesta ST is up in a couple of months, and I haphazardly started looking around for the replacement. All of a sudden I run across this bad boy.

Mar 12 2015
FiST car seats

For the few of those that actually will need to know this, you can actually fit 3 car seats in the back of a Fiesta

Dec 2 2014
Alfa in town

Holy crap! The Fiat dealer just got in a 4C. I didn't think I would ever have a reason to stop by there, but now I

Jun 6 2014
It has color!

I just got her out of the paint booth. Progress is very slow, but the results are worth it. We still have a lot of