Apr 14 2016

It looks at least as entertaining as Formula E, and twice as entertaining as the autonomous car ‘racing’ you guys were talking about last week.

Feb 1 2016

NASA was not aware of any damage to the wing. Computer modeling had shown that no chunk of foam coming off the bipod strut would be able to damage the wing leading edge. Unfortunately the modeling was wrong. And unfortunately this mission was one of the rare ones that didn’t go to the ISS, so there was no one to see Read more

Jan 6 2016

Industrial designer here. PREPARE FOR A LONG AND RAMBLING MOSTLY-EDUCATIONAL-ISH POST because I’m bored Read more

Oct 25 2015

He lost his advantage when he botched the start and Lewis was able to make up an entire car length on the front straight, to be in a position to take the inside line

Oct 24 2015

I love the fantasy world that the ‘stealth is obsolete’ crowd lives in, where China and Russia have developed all kinds of fantastical radars and drones and other cutting-edge technology to defeat stealth aircraft. All of which are seemingly completely unknown to the people who actually build our aircraft and radar Read more

Oct 18 2015

I’m not suggesting the F-14/5/6/8 aren’t huge improvements, but to your point, how many dogfights have they been in for the US? In 40 years. Read more

Oct 16 2015

I totally support your statement. I love the space shuttle. I remember my dad waking me up as a kid to watch an early launch on tv and being in awe of it from the start. My dream was to see a shuttle launch live. I finally got to see Atlantis launch in 2006. I wasn’t on NASA property, but it was still thrilling. Sadly Read more

Oct 6 2015

Buzz Aldrin is just #4? How many other astronauts have punched moon-landing deniers in the face?

Sep 13 2015

What is unique about this? Isn’t it rather common for meteoroids to split up in the atmosphere and make multiple impacts?

Sep 13 2015

It’s great that Gordon made it into the stupid Chase, but some wins would have been nice. I don’t expect him to make it out of the Challenger round.

Nov 11 2014

So one of the biggest influences of my life was Topgun instructor and photographer C.J. Heatley. After buying his book of incredible Naval Aviation photography when I was a kid -way back in 1986- I vowed to be either a photographer or a Navy pilot or both if I could! My lack of 20/20 vision dashed the pilot dream but