Jun 10 2014

The Rangers helped a lot, since the pitches he saw were (in order) up, up, down, down, left, right, left and right in his first Batting Attempt at the start of the game.

Jun 2 2014

We are back in action, got a sweet new review of the Herbalizer vaporizer coming soon, stay tuned!

Feb 25 2014

What on fucking earth does that goalie think he is doing?????

Jan 28 2014

Still not as awesome as this.

Jan 22 2014

Michael Phelps is in Colorado? I'm sure it's due to the 'high altitude air' helping his 'training routine.'

Jan 20 2014

This is horseshit. This was not a scheduled sit-down interview between Andrews and Sherman in some office or restaurant somewhere. This was an interview in which she grabbed him in the immediate aftermath of a brutal rivalry game for the highest stakes. The whole POINT of that interview is to get an honest emotional Read more

Jan 20 2014

I dislike Kanye West because he is a middle-class suburbanite pretending he is from the streets. I dislike Cam Newton because he is a smooth, bullshit artist. I fucking love Richard Sherman. He was on an endorphin high after just making a game-saving play that sent his team to the Super Bowl. Read more

Jan 20 2014

So true, note the lack of pompous, pious hand-wringing when Harbaugh explodes into one of his pissy-pants fits.

Jan 14 2014

It looks like a power tool right?

Jan 14 2014

Volcano Plenty Vaporizer

Jan 6 2014

It does look pretty cool

Jan 6 2014

And the only emission from the hydrogen refill stations:

Jan 6 2014

Nearly invisible headset is held securely in place by any one of four Konami-approved hairstyles, like The Billy Jean King (shown).

Jan 5 2014

It's pretty simple: Marijuana is the most benign recreational drug there is. It's probably not exactly correct to say it's harmless, but whatever harm it may possibly do is nowhere near serious enough for it to be a banned substance. It is objectively less harmful than alcohol and tobacco in every way imaginable, Read more

Dec 23 2013

UPDATE: The battery was fried, they are sending out a new one now. Fingers crossed it works again.

Dec 12 2013

Most Artillery can do that automatically. Shoot 3-5 rounds at varying trajectories so they all arrive at the same time... very bad for the target.