10:04 PM

Not exactly the same, but similar to Elena and Lila, I had a female friendship (from the ages of 12-18) that was big and tumultuous, bordering on toxic and fully informed my development as a person. We had high highs and dark lows; she would go after the boys who I was interested in and we were endlessly jealous of Read more

1:53 PM

While I agree with a lot of what you wrote, I really have to take issue with your last paragraph. If you work with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, you know that they have degenerative brain diseases and a comparison to mental health issues is not useful or relevant. Just because a person becomes violent, sexually Read more

3:11 AM

Can we please ignore these idiots? They were even reported on in Canadian news and all they are is a distraction looking to suck attention away from today’s demonstration of feminist solidarity and reinforce the agenda that seeks to legislate control over women’s bodies.

9:12 PM

Yes! Thank you! I was trying to remember what this movie was called throughout this whole article. Definitely a childhood favourite :)

10:15 PM

Not even... drop out hahaha. All of my pals who went to UofO hate it too.

11:12 AM

Thank you, Ottawa University Student Federation, for giving me another reason to love to hate Ottawa U.

10:27 PM

Fellow Canadian here, I don’t know about the legality of it, but every retail job I had made me sign a contract that would allow for my termination if I discussed wages with co-workers.

3:03 PM

I watched the closing ceremonies live and the mic toss and skipping off stage didn’t read like a tantrum at all. But I guess everyone loves a villain.

5:44 PM

Excellent write up! This is pretty much what I thought about the movie and I couldn’t stop being bothered by the ridiculous misogyny of it all to really sit back and enjoy it.

2:53 AM

I am in the middle of unsqualoring after a similar (months long) period of (mostly inner) turmoil. I’ve been setting a timer for 20 minutes every day and only making myself clean for those 20 minutes. On top of that, I am doing my best to not add to the mess day to day. The progress is slow, but in just a couple of Read more

1:43 PM

I’ve never worked in one, but a friend of mine worked as a librarian in prisons for a while (in her mid 20s). She said it was one the weirdest experiences of her life. Sometimes it was rewarding, sometimes it was scary and uncomfortable. I have another friend who did a nursing placement in a jail and she hated it Read more

1:25 PM

An almost identical situation happened at my high school. He left his second wife (who he met when he was HER teacher) for a student he had clearly been, at the very least, grooming throughout high school when she turned 18. Not only is he back teaching at the same high school, he received an award from the mayor for Read more

11:56 AM

Me and my friend were gearing up for morning sex, and when I went in for a handy he yelped in pain and HIS DICK WAS BLLEEDING. I had barely touched him but I was like "what did I do to you?!?!!" Read more

1:29 AM

It needs to be a priority to have staff trained to collect evidence for a sexual assault. I'm a nurse who floats to the emergency department occasionally, and I would not agree to do a rape kit because I'm not trained to collect evidence and I would be afraid that what I collected would be useless and inadmissible in Read more

1:06 PM

"Chill" makes me want to die. I am an open minded under-reactor who can't be bothered to give a shit about many a thing, but I am not an amorphous blob of a "chill" person. Read more

9:57 AM

Completely anecdotal, but I've been on and off the birth control pill multiple times and know that around month 3 of being on the pill I start to experience digestive issues that resemble IBS. I mean, it ends up really helping me not get pregnant because I don't want to bring the guy I'm making out with home with me Read more

11:38 PM

I've always fantasized about sending my uterus on a nice beach vacation where it can sip on mojitos and get a nice tan until I decide that I desire its services. In the mean time, no periods or pregnancy scares for me!