Mar 1

Also, can we pause to appreciate that the big “reveal” of this episode… doesn’t actually matter? It has zero impact to the episode beyond creating some mild tension about how the Doctor would react to this identity crisis. That identity crisis manifested in a few sad looks before the Doctor’s (admittedly great) Read more

Oct 8 2019

Have you seen the film? He fights tooth and nail to be left alone and only when he stops a woman from being raped does he in self defense after getting his ass beaten by drunken finance bros kill somebody. At which point he’s thrown out on the street with no way to get his meds that he starts to fall into the abyss Read more

Jun 2 2019

Agreed. You know it’s coming. Meta-verse? This sounds like something Abed from Community would say. They are def finding out they live in comic books.

Jun 1 2019

Charles, I love you and as always this is good work. That said, this storyline makes me angry-bored, which I didn’t know was a thing.

Dec 11 2018

This. A love of putting structure and style first and foremost makes most of what Moore does literature, and the opposite makes most of what Morrison does storytelling.

Jul 16 2018

What always bothered me was Hawkins seemed so small, the majority of people in town would have worked at the secret government facility.

Jul 16 2018

That is pretty spot on for an 80s mall. All that I see missing is a Kay Bee Toys. Well that and the lack of people smoking inside.

Jun 26 2018

Or educate the youth and make sure they can see the difference between fact and fiction. Which we already do, or so I thought. But the irrational fear of our past is much stronger than reason.

Jun 25 2018

I’m confused. Is the outrage written into this article satire or genuine? I assumed it was satire, but was less sure towards the end. Read more

Jun 25 2018

I’m generally on board with the editorial slant of most Paleofuture pieces, but i really think this is an overreaction: Read more

May 16 2018

Paul and Anne Ehrlich are so ready to swing with Thanos. Population Bomb indeed.

Sep 10 2016

As near as I can figure it, the dean is saying that during the rape, she said something to the rapist that the rapist could have reasonably interpreted as meaning “if you’re going to come soon, then you can keep going, but I want you to stop now if you’re not going to come soon.” I just wish I knew exactly what the Read more

Sep 9 2016

“In the recording (file name: respondent_uhb_10192915_1.MP3), at timestamp 01:41:55, Dean Fabian says, “Whether that was a reasonable person would believe, so [respondent] in this case, that it should stop immediately, the way she stated it was in a way that well, if you’re not going to finish, so if he was going to Read more