Jan 4 2019

They’re Ferraris so they’re all iconic to start with. But if you’re going for legendary, then I think it’s safe to say the 458, which was a huge step forward from the F430 while also being pretty as fuck. They have made some other amazing cars (the F12, the 575, even the 612 IMO) but it’s the 458 that really showed Read more

Dec 24 2018

Oh. I thought it meant you moved the movie you wanted to see next to the top of the queue and waited 2 days for the dvd to show up.

Dec 20 2018

My daughter is home from Christmas break from vet school...we got to talking about getting her a car. Read more

Dec 4 2018

So when will we find out that every VW EV actually has a tiny diesel engine powering it?

Dec 4 2018

I was about to say...this is, in fact, sick as hell, but not in the subset of “sick as hell” that sounds like an F1 car. You see, the category of “things that are sick as hell” is a wide and welcoming tent, spanning everything from specific sweet race car noises to ultimate shreddage and even perhaps those Zubaz you Read more

Nov 24 2018

Subaru's Wrc car in 555 blue, yellow graphics and gold wheels. Now I'm off for a cold shower.

Oct 17 2018

Now, up to now my plan went all right
‘Til we tried to put it all together one night
And that’s when we noticed that something was definitely wrong. Read more

Sep 25 2018

I’ll buy it and just put it next to my Tesla so its panel gaps are no longer noticeable.

Sep 23 2018

David Tracy still hasn’t given up his hopes on this Jeep.

Sep 7 2018

I think one of the most damning things is that I’m an avid car guy who used to be able to identify every single model on the road by headlights... and I didn’t even know the Ecosport was a real car until you posted this comment and I googled it. I sounds like a trim level, or a name for a variant of the Ecoboost Read more

Aug 10 2018

Nobody is calling him Jimmy Saville, that man was a literal rapist and the devil incarnate. But it’s not great, and it’s worse because he’s Paul Walker. When it’s some middling dude with no prospects who winds up with a 16 year old because they’re impressionable and fall or an older man then while it is creepy and Read more