10:41 PM

Especially when you consider that in the relatively recent past, marital rape was explicitly not illegal. And the concept of date rape was just . . . not a thing, even as recently as when my mom was in college. Read more

7:21 PM

Yes! It’s killing me that so many women are on this. Like...you all have been in coercive situations too. Almost 90% certain. You’ve felt pressure to do things that you didn’t wanna do. Our society right now more so judges women for not being sexually available and “down” for whatever. You know how this is, why are Read more

6:34 PM

I can’t talk about my assault. I mean I literally cannot. I’ve tried telling about it here, typing and deleting. I’ve tried in therapy and I can’t make my mouth form the words. Because of people like the commenters. Read more

6:18 PM

Yes! Everyone saying what Grace “should” have done and I’m here thinking she did damn good. I wasn’t that present and able to set boundaries at her age. And she had to do it over and over. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to do anything like that with a celebrity that I admired. Like...it’s never enough. Women Read more

1:48 PM

Jezebel, What Are You Doing? Days of silence on the topic, and then what comes forth is not actually the thinkpiece on sexual coercion and the “ways consent can feel blurring”, on how predators purposefully use bullshit excuses about “miscommunication” to get away with it, about how Ansari is more representative of Read more

7:35 PM

Nobody cares what you find attractive. That’s not what this is about.

6:12 PM

I think the Tea Party had the right idea: make the establishment candidate scared of losing the primary. But in order for that to work, we have to be so disaffected that we don’t care about losing some elections to Republicans. Read more

9:09 PM

Well, Omidyar, not the most responsive of bosses in the first place, did listen, even though it cost him millions of dollars. It must be pretty damn bad. Taibbi is staggeringly talented, but there’s no amount of talent that excuses personal evil. I’ll read him right up to the day he’s locked up or forced into Read more

5:20 PM

Matt Taibbi is one of my favorite, if not my actual favorite muckraking journalist. I believe him when he says that he made all of this stuff up. Ames, I’m not nearly as sure (my heart bleeds for Mr. Ames and his having to expend effort to woo women in the US, instead of just coercing and raping them, as he did in Read more

6:11 PM

I’ve just recently gone in the other direction (after thinking for my whole life that would never ever in a million years happen, yes, I am as surprised as anyone) because I had a really early miscarriage a few months ago and it totally made my brain go haywire and it stuck that way (hormones, they’re a hell of a Read more

10:17 AM

Honestly unless they’ve just had NO good candidates (which is possible), you doing that is only going to set them back a couple days, whereas if you got trained and started that’s a lot of money and time invested in you before you leave. I wouldn’t think too much about it. :)

12:14 PM

So, this is kind of a dick move for job #1, but I wouldn’t blame you if you accepted it and then turned around and accepted the other one if you got it. It’s not that unusual for a new hire to not work out right off the bat, and they’d be able to go to their second choice quickly. Read more

4:28 PM

Damn, I just can’t wait to have to hold my nose and vote for Cory Booker only to see, a few hours later, Trump and/or Pence take the election.

4:07 PM

Cool cool I don’t actually want to win elections or anything crazy like that