Jan 16 2018

Jezebel, What Are You Doing? Days of silence on the topic, and then what comes forth is not actually the thinkpiece on sexual coercion and the “ways consent can feel blurring”, on how predators purposefully use bullshit excuses about “miscommunication” to get away with it, about how Ansari is more representative of Read more

Jan 14 2018

Nobody cares what you find attractive. That’s not what this is about.

Nov 3 2017

Well, Omidyar, not the most responsive of bosses in the first place, did listen, even though it cost him millions of dollars. It must be pretty damn bad. Taibbi is staggeringly talented, but there’s no amount of talent that excuses personal evil. I’ll read him right up to the day he’s locked up or forced into Read more

Nov 3 2017

Matt Taibbi is one of my favorite, if not my actual favorite muckraking journalist. I believe him when he says that he made all of this stuff up. Ames, I’m not nearly as sure (my heart bleeds for Mr. Ames and his having to expend effort to woo women in the US, instead of just coercing and raping them, as he did in Read more

Oct 19 2017

This has fuck all to do with Bernie. The insistence of Hillary supporters to keep blaming things on Bernie may be more indicative of why she didn’t win.

Oct 19 2017

I’m not Bernie fan #1, but the guy is literally the most popular politician in the US — how would it be a good/practical for a party with a nearly 50% disapproval rating to “stand up to him and decrease his influence”?

Oct 19 2017

Damn, I just can’t wait to have to hold my nose and vote for Cory Booker only to see, a few hours later, Trump and/or Pence take the election.

Oct 19 2017

Cool cool I don’t actually want to win elections or anything crazy like that

Oct 4 2017

Even if he was a decent human being, his huge creepy veneers would be enough to squick me out.

Oct 3 2017

Let’s have more children be born so we can deny them health care. You know, with the kind of medical issues that would make someone choose to get an abortion after 20 weeks. 😡

Sep 26 2017

you know what, good for her! She wanted to have a baby for a long time. She is a grown woman who has lived her life and can afford it.

Sep 7 2017

I know we will have to co-parent, regardless of the outcome, so we are both seeking counseling in order to work through issues to be better parents. I just don’t know what is right, or at least, what other people would do in a situation like this. Read more