Jun 5 2017

Just fuck em. If you can help it please don’t do hard drugs and if you do please for the love of god be careful.

Mar 22 2017

Welp, my other half has accepted a pretty phenomenal job offer in the Philadelphia area, so as soon as I find a job

Dec 21 2016

Hello! Seeking any must do, must see, must eat/drink recommendations you have for Charleston, SC. I’ll be there for

Oct 29 2016

I’m looking for decent quality high-waisted ponte weight leggings. Preferably under $50. Doesn’t need to be

Jan 12 2016

My update to the other day’s musings - we visited the place that was top on our list, it was as good as we thought,

Jul 18 2015

Thanks for all the support thru our kitty saga. Last night we had ice cream for dinner because we didn’t feel like

Jul 17 2015

Check in on kitty - it’s not good at all. He is likely not coming home with me. I’m just waiting for my husband to get here to make the decision really. He’s on fluids and being warmed right now but his body temp and blood pressure are very low. Read more

Jul 17 2015
kitty update :(

Hi guys. My big guy is not doing well. We are headed to the ICU / specialist hospital this afternoon for a feeding