wait, a several day process was quick and painless? Read more

Cute how you all love it when game grumps do it but god forbid someone else tries. Read more

If only we could get a good 3D fan made game that felt like Adventure 1 or 2. Read more

Tell me there's a light dash, no light dash = no play. Read more

I blame Arthur Gies. He's the only one dumb enough to try and coin a term like Xbone. I'm just pissed that he succeeded the time. StarToRS and LoL (League of Legends) both died on his lips. Read more

So your only condemning their direction while condoning their methods? Seems legit. Read more

I just bought lands 1 and 2 on my 3DS and find 1 to be much more playable today than 2. I freaking love 1. 2 tries to hard to be like it's console brothers but just ended up being a shitty wannabe. 1 was it's own thing and worked just fine that way. It's different enough and stands alone. That music to, damn it's Read more

This is what I came here to say, it's cute that Nintendo thinks that they would just connect their consoles online and broadcast to Nintendo what they're doing. Read more

The first game can be found under the title "Earthbound Zero" it was on the NES, it was fully translated but never released so you can find the rom easily. I never cared for Mother 1 or 2 but 3 was pretty interesting, even so I never finished it. Having played several hours of 3 I can definitely see what the fuss is Read more

I guess this answers the question about what the hell did Nintendo have left to show after all their recent Nintendo Direct reveals. Nothing, they've already blown their load, which is fine by me. I was afraid they were just going to go out and show all the exact same stuff again. Read more

Chaos Rings for mobile phones. Read more

Don't forget that its cross compatible with the 3DS, thus strengthening the argument that if your starving for Nintendo, you can be satisfied with a 3DS, so much so that the exact same game will be released on both platforms. Read more

I was gonna post this, glad to see someone else already has and is taking the flak for it. Read more

Playing with the 3D full blast should have been at the top of everyones "todo" list when they purchased a 3DS. The only time I don't is when my kids are spectating and at their angle it just crosses their eyes and doubles the image. Read more

"As you play, you'll develop a sort of sixth sense for where hidden furniture might be" Read more

To this day Chain of Memories is still my favorite combat style. Someone mentioned it working for bosses better than randoms. I found it to be the complete opposite. While it worked with bosses it really shined in those "grindy" battles. I would simply line up my cards in groups of 3 stringing together some heinous Read more

Agreed, although it really comes down to texture clarity and Aliasing. The PS3 version has a lot less jaggy edges. Read more

I can't help it, I eat every word of this corny shit. Read more

Guess I better hurry and crack the seal on my XIII-2. Read more