You are doing the dark lord’s work and it’s very entertaining. Keep it up! Read more

Sam Wang’s site is a better quality read. It might be little dry and academic for some, but unlike Silver, he doesn’t inject punditry into his analysis. The discussion in the comments is usually intelligent too. Read more

Might not be the news/information we need, but it’s definitely the news/information we deserve. Read more

I’m enjoying finding favorite Gawker writers on the blogs that survived after the auction. Like stumbling upon an oasis in the no more Gawker internet desert. I’m also getting up to speed on all the sports news through osmosis, so there’s that too. Read more

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He finally released an ad and yep, he’s back to virulent bigot mode. Trump and his campaign are keeping on keeping on!

Yes, that’s me, the eccentric who overdresses, according to random remarks I’ve been subjected to. I don’t care. I’d rather stand out as the best dressed person in the room as opposed to just blending in with everyone else. Plus, I think it’s fun! Read more

I just added Woman in White and The Moonstone to my Kindle along with J. S. Le Fanu’s Ghostly Tales, Volume 1 because I’m binge-reading these sorts of novels lately. Thanks for the inadvertent recommends :) I’m also going to get the Emma Jane Holloway books you mention. Now I just need to take a month off work so I Read more

It has been a strange experience reading through the complaints about unpaid lunch hours in these threads. I’m in my late 50s and have worked in many types of office positions large and small in various industries since age 22. Never did the expectation exist that the lunch hour, be it 30 minutes or one hour, would be Read more

Unghhh, I saw that tour. ‘92? Yikes. So many years ago. Read more

Back in the late 60s (because I’m an Old), Catholic School, I think 4th grade. We wore uniforms (dark blue skirts, white blouses, knee socks, dress shoes for girls, and dark blue slacks, white shirts, dress shoes for boys). Every so often the school gifted us with a special “dress up” day where we could wear our Read more

One - Johnny Cash. Especially for these lyrics: Read more

I'm applauding this news! My handful of shares of Tesla stock have done nothing but climb in the last year and my instinct says this is a good move and makes me consider buying more. I could regret that in the future but I'm willing to take the chance. I also work for a patent law firm and patent disputes are among Read more

(Edited for clarity) Fantasy genre. Also never got into RPGs until this one. Actually, it's the only one I've ever played. My friends seduced me into it because I was obsessed with Wm. Gibson's Neuromancer. After that, I dove into more fantasy reading. Gateway!