Oct 21

Why are you acting like America is the only nation with fall celebrations? There have always been celebrations around the autumn harvest. The autumnal equinox is auspiciuos AF in pagan traditions. Thanksgiving does, indeed, have problematic roots, but America didn’t invent fall. Good grief.
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Aug 6

Definitely regional. Also graduated in ‘97. We always started school mid-August in SC; GA started earlier than us.

Jul 15

If I looked that much like my dictator-lite uncle, I’d get a lot of plastic surgery just to erase the resemblance.

May 20

Saaaame. Back in ye olde golden tyme of the Jez, the writing was sharp, the feminism was genuine, and the commentariat was the best on the interwebs. I was so freaking proud the day I earned my star (remember when someone had to bestow a star upon you to become an approved commenter?). It felt like I’d been accepted Read more

May 8

Re: grocery store workers, I also buy more than just essential groceries. I buy a pint of Chunky Monkey or Phish Food every week, becuase there’s a goddamn pandemic out, and I need something good in my life. Is that wrong? The grocery store is already open. Does buying snacks instead of just dried beans and rice Read more

May 7

In the late 90's/early 2000's, I bought a lot of J. Crew. As a tall girl with gangly arms, their tall option in tops was like a chorus of heavenly hosts. My first pair of yoga pants came from J. Crew, and they lived for 15 beautiful years before disintegrating beyond use. I haven’t bought from them in probably five Read more

Mar 2

Yep, those were carrier pigeons. I thought so, then it was confirmed in the after the episode thing with the showrunners or whoever they are (I’m bad at this, sorry). I thought it was a haunting image, suitably weird to complement the tone of the episode, but also emblematic of the coming conflict: a single gunshot Read more

Feb 16

I, too, thought I would die of social anxiety about haggling when I spent a month in Thailand, but I quickly grew to love it and became a seasoned pro at shrugging and walking away from a seller who didn’t want to budge... who then usually called me back because they budged. It’s a weird thrill. My husband, on the Read more

Aug 16 2019

How did they not anticipate this? I’ve never been to L.A., but I knew this is precisely what would happen, because OF COURSE IT DID. 

Aug 4 2019

Infant mortality is a consequence of the prison system, though. Infants born to incarcerated mothers have a higher mortality rate than the general population. The stress of incarceration plus often inadequate prenatal care can lead to tragic outcomes. 

Aug 2 2019

I’m sorry, did we not learn from the Trump fiasco? Remember all the free coverage media gave the kooky, fringe candidate? Remember how pundits loooooved to have Trump on as a guest for the fun of the outrageous sound bites he was sure to spout? Remember how it was fine because NO ONE took his candidacy seriously and Read more

Jul 11 2019

I’m sorry you’re not in a place where you can freely be your awesome self. I hope you get there sooner rather than later. And then... potlucks! And a Home Depot credit card! Wishing you all the gay goodness in the world, friend.

Mar 12 2019

Thank you for your insight. Yes, pre-k was touted, which sounds amazing. That’s a very spotty thing here that varies from district to district. He and McCray also spoke about their efforts with mental health. I understand Thrive NYC is criticized for not doing enough for those with serious mental illness—particularly Read more