Travesty Chandler
12:55 AM

So my team finally finished up our game for my game design class, and I'm pretty proud of it. We definitely could have done more if we had more time, but for 3-4 weeks worth of work, I'd say it came out pretty well. I'll be posting it up here after I get a couple different builds to show off. I think we have a Mac Read more

12:44 AM

So I'm sitting here animating. Been doing it all day, and in order to break away from that work, I'm fooling around learning to program in C++ better. It's actually a great way to spend time, as I'm not really wasting it doing things that won't help me. I actually made a simple "Dodge the flying objects with the Read more

11:19 PM

Ah man. Hitting the end of my term and I'm super freaking stressed/excited. Stressed because my final projects are CRAZY, excited because of PAX, Bioshock Infinite, and most importantly, my girlfriend returning from London. Only 15 days til PAX, 17 til my girlfriend returns, and 18 til Bioshock Infinite(well those Read more

10:14 PM

Ok KoTAYkuites, I have a gaming related question this time around. I'm going home for the weekend, and I'm going to take the time to catch up on some gaming. The problem is, I have choices: Ni No Kuni(I'm 14 hours in) or Uncharted 1/2. I know I can probably on really complete one of those two options while I'm Read more

1:16 AM

KoTAYku! I'd like a little advice. I sign up for classes soon and I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about doing things. I have to take a minimum of 12 credits of classes, which is what my schedule demands at this point anyway. Question is, I can take more to try and get ahead, though I really don't know Read more

1:13 PM

Looks like I'll be spending my Valentine's day doing work. But ya know what? That's perfectly fine. My girlfriend is in London, so keeping myself busy with work is probably the best thing to do. I'll be doing modeling, rigging and animation all day. Whoo! Good news is I'll get to see her again in about 39 days. Read more

10:46 PM

So what songs do you guys listen to when you're having a rough day? For me, it's this one.

1:18 PM

Well, amazon got their stock of Ni No Kuni in earlier than expected, and are shipping it out even earlier than they expected to when they told me they got stock early. Should be here tomorrow or Friday(depending on how my school deals with the mail. It'll be at the school tomorrow but the package may not make it in Read more