Jul 30 2018

Excuse me but are you suggesting that a man who was raised by a Klansman who was arrested for rioting over there being too many Catholics in the police department and who also wants to outlaw Islam, making it a centerpiece of his campaign, would also have a problem with Jews? 

Jul 18 2018

If you’re a short white dude who doesn’t like getting knocked down by black guys you need to find a new sport. C’mon, white people, this is the whole reason tennis continues to be a thing.

Jul 18 2018

On a slightly serious note- niggas can’t even go to the gym anymore w/o threat of police being called?! FFS it’s physical activity I.e the shit y’all brought us here for and we STILL getting this. We truly can’t have shit. 

Jul 18 2018

I have a possible gif of the screen:

Jun 13 2018

The dude next to me kept making that clicking noise, and I didn’t say shit because he had face tattoos.

Apr 13 2018

I wish we could kill kids in our television shows; kids in peril is almost universally a TV non-starter for me, it’s just meaningless plot-filler because no one has the balls to take it to its logical conclusion. Children, beings who are evolutionarily almost completely incapable of caring for themselves or dealing Read more

Apr 6 2018

If you think about it all Thanos really is the ultimate MRA. He’s a toxic asshole who harasses a woman because he thinks he’s entitled to her and then gets violent and accusatory when she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.

Mar 27 2018

Hating on black people is always a “teachable moment.” shooting black people is a “teachable moment.” Putting innocent black people in jail is a “teachable moment.” When will there be a teachable moment about respecting people of color? Or treating us equally?
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Mar 19 2018

She has the advantage of being the opposite gender to the one that has a cock in its pants.

Mar 2 2018

It’s almost as if Trump is a liar and just says crazy shit all the time but people still report his words as fact.

Feb 26 2018

Donald Glover’s response was perfect. Lena Dunham really wasn’t trying to acknowledge she was wrong. She just wanted absolution. These so called allies always want to make their Black Friends TM their “confessors”but forbid they actually make amends. Read more

Feb 17 2018

For you math teachers out there, when a student asks, “What do we need this for?”, you can respond, “To own people in the comments section.”