May 25

I think you underestimate how intense “trolling” can be when you’re a celebrity. Even the word trolling doesn’t do it justice to the abuse that gets spewed out.

May 7

...except once they found out how truly bad it was, that talk disappeared. And you can’t find a single Dem stating “it will just go away, like a miracle” not to mention any of them blaming everybody but themselves while telling Americans to get back to work asap. Read more

Apr 29

She was thinking she’s an adult and should be able to do what she likes in her personal time.
She was also thinking she had bills to pay.

Apr 29

Yeah man, got to make sure technicians aren’t *checks notes* making a side income in a completely unrelated field.

Apr 29

Sex work is real work. No different than any other side gig.

Apr 27

Oh no, people don’t want to be abused in online gaming!! 

Apr 27

Looks like you never stopped. Maybe try mentally growing up passed 14 too. 

Apr 10

I think the subtext is that Natasha loves the Avengers as her family, and is sacrificing herself for them. She is doing the opposite of what Thanos did, which was a selfish act. Read more

Apr 8

This is a lot of words to say “You wrote a thing I thought was dumb.”

Apr 5

It’s Mississippi a state still full of racists, that still make lynching references regularly. Posted by anyone else yeah it probably would be a joke about a wife wanting to hang her husband.

Apr 5

Yeah how dare people be offended by jokes about hanging in a state where till the 80s it was still common for blacks to “disappear” .

Apr 3

I’m in the Navy, I’ve been ship’s company on an aircraft carrier before and I cannot stress this enough: crews do not do this for outgoing Commanding Officers, even ones that the crew likes. This guy stepped up to take care of his crew when it was obvious that big Navy wasn’t going to do it and was fired. The Navy is Read more

Jan 23 2017

“Hot women rarely complain about sexism and successful minorities rarely complain about racism.” Read more