Dec 6 2016

They ARE living the good life. They scam and go to college for FREE, go abroad for FREE, get into exclusive recruiting events, etc. I’m still paying off my loans and couldn’t go abroad because I couldn’t afford it. Fuck them, they’re parasites. And to top it off, how do they repay the US? By displaying thanks and

Dec 6 2016

Exactly. Try to name one thing Muslim women force upon Muslim men? But somehow that’s empowering?

Dec 6 2016

Except the reason that burqas are still worn is because men make women wear burqas... and now there is a class of women that think they should wear a burqa. Not want to wear, should wear. Big difference.

Dec 6 2016

Sorry but not sorry at all. Burqas are meant to demean women and subject them to misogynistic rules. Women get punished for getting raped in societies that make them wear burqas. Burqas represent truly awful male dominance and subjugation. Read more

Aug 4 2016

Trump isn’t Hitler. Give it a fucking rest. It’s pretty fucking disrespectful to real victims of fascism.

Jul 16 2016

Fuck. I have brothers who are religious and not at all feminists, and we’ve gotten into fights when they express sexist sentiments and such... but goddamn, I cannot even fathom this. Honor killings are atrocious and incomprehensible. Whatever your feelings about someone’s behaviour and views... that’s your fucking Read more

Jul 16 2016

So many honour killings are committed by mothers in law, sisters, aunts and mothers. This is a problem that goes way beyond a gender demographic. (How much easier it would be if it didn’t though....)
Feeling the hatred with you sister

Jul 16 2016

Fundamentalism, in all its forms, across religions and cultures both, is a poison. Fuck them all. Read more

Jul 8 2016

Anime is made for Japanese people. Why would they have a lot of dark-skinned people in the first place? I mean, really.

Jun 29 2016

Meh. Saying something ugly and regrettable in the heat of the moment kind of pales in comparison to murdering your children.

Jun 27 2016

Product is terrible. I keep dodge rolling women and can’t get any dates.

Jun 23 2016

She made the decision to bring a gun to a Craigslist deal with intent to rob. Explain why she should get *any* leniency.

Jun 23 2016

it’s felony murder during a armed robbery man, and she also admitted that they planned to rob him with lethal force available (i.e premeditation, they brought a gun) Read more

Jun 23 2016

Or maybe mention what gamergate was originally about before it got hijacked by Zoe Quinn and her feminist brigade. Credibility of game reviews/journalism. She may have been the target of a lot of hateby a select group, but it’s only because she was one of the perpetrators. Not because she's a girl gamer.