May 9 2019

Tom - This is great and all, but can you post videos of Arsenal fan reactions to that goal?

Apr 28 2019

I guess the show has lost a lot of steam with how anticlimactic the end of the battle ended up being and most deaths were entirely gratuitous, with Cersei as the next Big Bad feeling like a step down... Read more

Feb 22 2018

That school is 40% Jewish, something the MSM isn’t really reporting. Also, the shooter flipped the fuck out when his ex-GF started dating a POC.

Feb 21 2018

It’s not a school of white kids. This is South Florida, not the panhandle. Five of those killed were Jewish (the primary target of white supremacists), and six were POC. Read more

Feb 11 2018

I don’t necessarily think he deserves more than he’s getting, but I do think players should fight for every dollar. I’d rather the money go to them than go to the damn owners.

Dec 25 2017

I’m a therapist and one of my clients is in her early twenties and hilarious, and she left her last session with “merry Christmas, happy holidays, kumbaya or whatever the fuck you celebrate!”

Sep 4 2017

Fuck Donald, but especially fuck the House Republicans like Paul Ryan who spent years bitching about DACA, and then started begging Donald to preserve the program because they know it’s good, popular policy, and they don’t dare formalize it with legislation. The hypocrisy of the Republican “leadership” is staggering.

Sep 1 2017

That’s the gov. of Texas but yeah this picture speaks volumes.

Aug 24 2017

Any of his supporters who actually did leave— I mean, that’s the one aspect of their decision to show up at last night’s rally to which I can actually relate: leaving his stupid ass onstage, babbling like a drunk uncle. You think you got troubles? Just listen to MY troubles! and then he went on an hour-plus long Read more

Aug 23 2017

God I hope so. I doubt these women have jobs so they really think they are bravely dedicating themselves to “a cause.” I’m not the racist! You’re the racist for calling me one!

Aug 14 2017

This man’s continued existence is proof that JFK was not killed by any government plot.

Aug 10 2017

LOL you’re not fooling anyone with that fat-guy goatee buddy

Aug 10 2017

Omg, so horrible and hilarious! This dude always reminds me of a thumb with a goatee drawn on it.