8/08/13 5:02PM

And the mistake you're making is these inequalities are not in the past. They're very fucking current. I feel like you're all prepared to fight anti-white discrimination in our glorious post-racial society, and I'm telling you...that time ain't here yet.

8/08/13 3:02AM

Speaking as someone who has had a series of awful photos taken of me (bullying by people I lived with; long story short, I had a cake smashed into my face and then numerous photos taken of it) I don't think it's okay. As some other people have pointed out, it's not okay (even if it is legal). I shudder at the thought Read more

8/07/13 11:13AM

Er. This is one of my worst habits. I do that a lot. But I NEVER share them on a public forum.

8/07/13 10:43AM

I'm all for equal opportunities giggling at people wearing unflattering clothing. You have the right to wear whatever you want and I have the right to laugh at you. However, just as I would make sure the person I was mocking couldn't see/hear me doing it, I would NEVER post a picture of them on the internet to shame Read more

8/07/13 2:02AM

She isn't married. She and Ben Gibbard got divorced (the end of a twee music power couple). Anyway, you don't think female celebrities get asked that question more than their male counterparts when being interviewed?

8/06/13 10:03PM

I cheered out loud when she said she doesn't trust people who don't like desserts.

8/06/13 3:41PM

Yep; there is a bit in New Girl where she is like "I DON'T CARE IF YOU THINK UKELELES & BIRDS ON SWEATERS ARE DUMB! I LIKE THEM!" Read more

8/06/13 10:26AM

She has been asked that question over and over and over again. I'm sure she's annoyed and any interviewer worth her salt should have read about that before. Why would the reader want to read the same answer again and again?

5/31/13 5:12PM

Yes! I shipped Cole and Caitlin sooo hard, and my inner 8th grader still squees a little every time I see Eddie Cibrian. And I totes agree that even for a soap opera villain Annie was a complete nutbag (and yet was probably one of my two favorite Sunset Beach characters, tied with, ironically, Meg).

5/09/13 7:28PM

Fun fact: before she was discovered, she was a Christian singer-songwriter type. Like, there's actual recordings out there of this.

5/02/13 8:02PM

Yes, it was one of my favorites. But now she has made some of the interviews exclusive so you have purchase them :( I'm trying to get over my cheapness to do it. The one with Steven Yeun was great too. She does such a fabulous job, they should replace one of the late night people with her.

5/02/13 8:00PM

Thank you for this. I love it. And she is premed grad. Damn!

5/01/13 8:01AM

There was a great documentary on once that actually broke down the return on investment for a fashion house when a celebrity wore something of theirs on the RC. Fun tip: if she's got her hair up and a big necklace on, she's not just borrowing the necklace, she's probably being *paid* to wear it. And yes, the names Read more

5/01/13 6:16AM

It also depends on if the dress is massproduced or couture- if its massproduced it won't be such a problem, but if its couture....

4/30/13 10:21PM

I'm sure that the bigger brands can just absorb the costs of the garments they lend out but I don't think smaller less known brands can do that. These things can cost a lot more money for smaller brands to produce so it's, um, kind of ... inconvenient ... Damn it, I had this all broken down in my head but now I can't Read more